Award Requests! [Credit to SilverDolphin]


Credit to @SilverDolphin for the idea.

Welcome to Award Requests! Here you can request a reward such as this-

Here is the form-

Type of Trophy (Wooden with Medal, Certificate, Golden, Diamond)-
Award Title-
Non Personal Pic-
(Optional) To and From text-





I know, lots of editing going on





Cool! XD Thank you @EP125!


No problem! I'll make you one anytime!


Here is one for @KVJ


Here is one for @SmileyAlyssa


This is such a cool idea! The trophies are very pretty! :clap::smile:


Thank you! Do you want one? You deserve 100000000000000 trophies


Here is one for @Dude73


That's so cool! Thank you so much!


@EP125 I will give you the daily sweg award.


Type: Crystal
Words: on the mountain side, stood a wolf
Title: @Fox
Non personal pic:

To/from: none


Oh my gosh, thank you so much! :blush:


TYSM!!!! That means a lot


There are too many characters, and all the texts are required. Try to request something else. Sorry for the inconvenience!


Is that better?:grimacing:



Thank you so much!!!!