AvocadoDont, ChocolateFox, and VanillaAngel's topic


This topic was created for
Myself, and
@VanillaAngel to talk about our collab account because we don't have anywhere to talk about it and we keep getting off topic.


Ok cool! so, did we decide whether we're doing remixes or an account yet?


Account. What should it be called? Maybe...
AvocadoVanillaFox or...it could be something completely unrelated to our names, like FluffyBunnies or something ( idk lol :joy: )
BTW how are we going to share the password? Any ideas?


Can I move this into collabs? Help with code doesn't seem that fitting...


Did @VanillaAngel agree on account too? What about AvocadoVanillaChocolate for a username? I think it's funny. Also, when we share the password we should delete it as soon as the others see it, but that would mean all three of us would have to be on


Oh sorry lol
Yeah sure


Hello and nice to meet u wait have we met before ??


Yah...or I was thinking I could make the account and we would all know the name, then create a random account and remix both of your guy's projects with the password...?
P.S yah she did


Nope I don't think so. Hai I'm Jamie


Yay, topic!


That seems kind of unnecessarily complicated


Lol I can do it :3


Just realized all three of our usernames have a food in it.


Lol :3


(Please excuse my craziness)


Lol we're thinking about having a collab account :3
P.S See u in 5 days!


I know you guys are thinking about sharing the password, so maybe when you are all on, one person posts the password. Then, delete it has soon has everyone sees it.


I'll leave now


Just making sure this isn't forgotten.

Okay, so this is the type of design I'm doing for my Kawaii food.

{Yes, I'm still doing it}


{I'll put here later, because I need to finish one thing so it isn't so embarrassing to show off}




@AvocadoDont @VanillaAngel so...what's da plan again?