Avocado Art Club!



So, a while ago I made an art club on Hopscotch called Avocado art club or something like that, so... I thought that it would be a good idea to expand it to the forum! And since I'm adding it to the forum that means you could post paper-drawn art too!! Every once and a while I'll make little "art challenges" that are %100 optional and are geared toward making you better at drawing through practice, but is mostly just for fun, btw if you wanna post your own art challenges (can be in this topic, new topic, linked topic, Hopscotch project, etc.) please ask me first!

People who have joined so far, at least on Hopscotch, (btw PLEASE tell me if these aren't the same people as on hopscotch, also: I'm not %100 sure if these people are in the club because I started it a while ago)



@VanillaCat (previously VanillaPancakes)

@iReesesCup (Chocolatedrawings:chocolate_bar::cookie:)

People who have joined, via forum, or at least after this original post





























If you want to join just ask! :blush::blush::blush:

EDIT: you can, if you want, not draw stuff and just come up w/ challenges if you want! Or vice versa!

EDIT: I added more stuff, list of members v2 I guess??

EDIT: I'm gonna stop adding an "EDIT: ADDED 1 PERSON" every time someone joins... Added @GysvANDRegulus

EDIT: added more people


Can I please be a nobody who comes up with challenges...


@Stampys_fans yeah sure!


I'd say I'm ok at art, can I join in?


@justanerd Yes! Welcome aboard!!


TY, I'll publish some challenges too once we get a few people here (like, more than 3 :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)


Ill join, my hopscotch username is Sketch Studios be sure to check my projects out.


@justanerd Ok awesome! Lol :laughing:


Here ye, here ye or extra extra read all about it or something: a nobody (i.e. Me!) has come up with a challenge idea: draw this:

(lotsapizza will like this I think...)


@DreamyLemon ok!

@Stampys_fans YESSS!! First challenge on the forum!!


I haven't watched maze runner, so... is that a quiver, or a bunch of sticks that he got impailed with parallel to each other over a belt slung over his shoulder?


Just tag me for more when needed...


No idea also, Though I think a bow??????? (as in bow 'n' arriw/quiver :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


(bows, glances up) oh! bow and arrows, not bow, duh! (stupid homospellings that aren't homonyms 'cause they sound different and that language arts section was 2 years ago

also english is weird (after english "is weird" popped up 2ed in my predictive text)


@justanerd I haven't watched the movies but I read the first book!

Btw guys I gtg, it's really late and I'm tired so, goodnight! (This doesn't mean you can't talk or anything I disabled email notifications on here anyways, I'm just saying that I won't be replying because I'll be asleep)


Y not do both? you can sleep and comment, right? I sleep talk all the time!


@justanerd yes but if I multitask I might mess up both


Why its 9 in the morning why do you sleep?


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tap here for another :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Oh i guess you are in a diffrent country than me!