Avatars for Hopscotch?



Hey Guys! I wanted to know if you guys wanted to help me to get the leaders to make fun avatars you can make for your profile! Let me know if you are in!



Can I collaborate with you on this? Here are some examples of my art

Drawing on Paper compared to an iPad (shading, shaping, etc.) (Official 3)

What do you mean by this?

Custom avatars shouldn't be allowed on hopscotch for innapropriate and security reasons


I Aggree. Please Close This Topic.


Yeah, people would get jealous. But you can do forum avatars, @jojo30349!


Why A Time Bomb? Can't We Just Make It Close Now?


Time bomb!!! I never knew that was possible


yeah everyone puts TIME BOMBS for last words


I meant something like this:
So, do you know the penguin avatars on club penguin? Kinda like that. So like it would start with a letter lets do me for example. My username starts with a J so I would want to customize my letter. Maybe I would want it to have a moustache and glasses or something like that. Do you see what I mean? @PopTart0219



It's okay to draw and talk about avatars you wish you could have! We just won't be able to add them for a bit :slightly_smiling:


Thank you- I was confused about so I put the time bomb just in case it was off topic :wink:


Your welcome! @Liza and @PopTart0219! Tell me if I'm not being specific enough.




I honestly liked the character profile pictures better tbh.