Avatar/Character Bios!



I was just thinking about Hopscotch (which I do just about every minute, so no surprises there), when I thought about the characters. Sometimes I feel like the characters don't get enough love. In projects, most people use emojis or text or shapes, not Cosmic Cody or Sloth. Also, we don't know to much about the characters. We know that Gorilla got his coloring from a vat of grape soda, and that Chillanna's snowboard is the only one of its kind, but not much else.

So why don't we make CHARACTER BIOS?

You know, kind of like writing Star Girl's life story, or Cupcake's favorite things, or something like that.



On an iPhone, if you hold down on a character while in the editor, it gives you a mini bio!


The lord of the wings



Really? That's really neat. Thanks, I'll be sure to check that out.


This is so cool! Great idea! I love it! :D


Thanks! I appreciate the support.


cool. my iphone ran out of battery while doing so.


Wait...CARAMEL PUFFIN?! :hushed:
U ish on the forum?!



Thank you! Your projects are really cool, too. I love your trail art, especially your walrus meme!

I just joined today, after stalking the forum for weeks. (Don't know why I didn't officially join sooner. I should have, though.)


The trail art is just to keep the channel interesting :slight_smile:
Games are the meat of my channel in my opinion :slight_smile:

@Kiwicute2016 Double fake smile