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Yes! It’s never too late
Interesting characters! I’ll wait for a few more characters then talk about them.


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Do you like to write: Yes I do!
What kinds of things do you write: I like to write fantasy and stuff.
Have you been in a writing club before?: No, I haven’t
Will you try to do all the challenges and tell me if you cannot?: I will do some of them, but I can’t do all of them because I am busy.



Name: Violet Clearwater
Age: 15
Gender: female
Race/ ethnicity: white (its another world so idk the thing )
Physical traits/ how they look like: about 5’8 extremly strong. Halgh there hair is blue the other is purple
Character traits: does not trust people. Fierce and deterrent to avenge he mother
Backstory: when she was five her mother was killed by the government. She spent the rest of her life training with the rebellion to revenge her mother


I misspelled a lot in that


Name: Linn (last name not given)
Age: 15
Gender: girl, though she doesn’t really care about her gender.
Race/ ethnicity: half human, half alien (it’s explained in the story, :P)
Physical traits/ how they look like:
She has the darkest, most straight hair with a blue tone, usually down to her shoulders. She likes to have it up in a half up-half down do, to keep it out of her face. She appears very put together on the outside, her hair always perfect, her clothes always free of wrinkles. Her skin is somewhat tan, she is either very pale or very burnt. She doesn’t tan, sadly. She’s very strong, and built strongly. She’s thin, but strong. Her eyes are the best part. Her eyes are dark, and like stone, but they are the doorway to her feelings. Otherwise, she hides her emotions behind a shield, and her eyes are the only way to really see how she is feeling.
Character traits: she is very mysterious, doesn’t let anyone get to know her. Yet, she’s lovable and fun, always up for anything. She also loves her friends with all of her heart, and will do anything for them. Heck, she’ll willingly take a bullet for those she loves. She isn’t shy, but she tends to keep to herself unless she finds someone she likes.
I can’t tell you that, sorry. It’s important to the story. Let’s just say someone broke her once, and she wants to protect herself and others from being broken again.


Ahh sorry if this makes no sense Arya is based on me in the Pokeverse ( ^ω^ )


Name: Cosmo
Age: 11 years
Gender: Boy
Race/ ethnicity: Part of a breed of winged peoples who live on the planet of Xiyajeno
Physical traits/ how they look like: Cosmo has light brown hair, dark dark dark brown eyes, long eyelashes, and olive coloured skin. He has big white feathered wings.
Backstory: Cosmo was born on the planet of Xiyajeno, which is very very far away. His mother felt worthless, and his father was very busy with work. His mother soon flew away to who knows where and his father went away on a business trip but never came back when Cosmo was 8. Cosmo had very big wings even when he was a small child. Everyone wanted big wings those days, so people often taunted Cosmo because they were jealous. He soon got sick of everything and ran away into the forest. (He was about 9 at that time)
He managed to survive the forest. When he came out (about a few months later) someone caught him and sent him to an orphanage. Which is where he lives now. And he really wants to get away.

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Yes! I’m pretty busy rn so we will probably talk about them over the weekend!
Nice character!


Alright that’s great and thanks!


I want to draw your character now.


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