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I will. I just need to edit it a bit.


This is incredibly unfinished, I have a whole story based around this. This is merely a portion.


Lacey placed her hands on the marble railing, her curls bouncing over her shoulders. She cheers of the crowd erupted as she appeared, the sound echoing in her ears. She put on her smile, and waved to the people below.
Next to her, her mother and father stepped up next to her with the same smile. Her father’s arm was draped over her mother, who’s hand was interlaced in Lacey’s.
it took minutes for the crowd to calm down, eventually falling into a silence. Lacey tapped the microphone, and started speaking.
“People of Lesagon, welcome,” she spoke, projecting her voice out to the crowd. There was an explosion of cheering at her words. “Today is a very special day for the country, the day marking the 50th anniversary of my parent’s wedding, and my father’s coronation.” More cheers and whoops erupted.
“In these fifty years, much has happened for our society. In fact, the crime rate of all major cities have dropped 24 percent.
“In celebration, of both this feat and this wonderful anniversary, the king has a surprise for you all. Father?” Lacey stepped back, as her father took took the microphone. Assistants were right at her feet, adjusting her gown to her new position. She thanked them with a nod.
“Hey mom,” Lacey whispered as her mom took her hand.
“Yeah, hon? You did great.”
“I was never told what the big announcement is. Do I need to do anything?”
“No, no. It’s meant to be a surprise for both you, and the country,” Her mother smiled. Lacey narrowed her eyes, but shifted her gaze back to the large audience and smiled.
“People of Lesagon, as my daughter has just told you, the royal family has been planning a large leap in the development of our country. Since we have become independant, I have been the only monarch.” Lacey’s father said, his voice echoing out into the courtyard.
“And I have been working hard with my family to create a better world for our citizens. However, I believe it is time for a new ruler, a new perspective in the development of our country, .”
“What?” Lacey whispered in her mother’s ear. “What is he talking about?”
“My wife and I are stepping down from the thrones, and entering will be your new queen.”
“He’s not,” Lacey protested with a gasp that echoed the ones of the crowd. She noticed a camera focusing in on them, a camera from the news channel of the country. Seeing this, she fixed her posture and facial expression, back to her blank slate.
“My eldest Daughter Lacey will be stepping up as Lesagon’s new queen!” His voice boomed through the now silent crowd, who suddenly erupted into cheers. Lacey’s mouth dropped open, and she stared at her father. He returned her stare with a smile, and offered his hand. Using small, robotic movements, she took his hand and stepped up next to him. The crowd was louder than ever before, whooping and shouting at her stunned appearance.
“Father, I’m not ready,” She mumbled, earning a rub on the back from him.
“I know you aren’t, honey. I’ll help you the entire way.” He stepped behind Lacey, letting the crowd see her. Her bouncing curls, the beautiful sky blue dress, everything. They cheered and screamed and whooped at her appearance, but Lacey didn’t hear. She stared straight forward, hands clasped at her waist. She stood there, completely still, until the courtyard was silent and her father lead her back into the castle. Her mother stepped up to the microphone to conclude the message, but Lacey wasn’t listening.
“Come, Lacey, I will show you your new office. You will not have to take on the responsibilities until your coronation, in two days.”
“Two days?” She whispered, her voice unable to go higher. Father nodded with a soft smile.
“You have the intelligence, Lacey. You have friends in the city, you know what it’s like for the citizens. You will be able to make the right choices, I am sure of it.”
“You’ll help me?”
“Of course.” He stopped with Lacey at a large wooden door, intricately carved with patterns of many different types. An assistant was there immediately, opening the door. She stepped inside, running her hands along the lines of books on the wall. Kicking her shoes off and feeling the carpet with her bare toes. Sitting at her desk, leaning back, shutting her eyes.
“Sir, Miss, we have a dress appointment for the princess,” the assistant informed. Lacey opened her eyes, and with robotic motions stood up and walked out of the room with her father.

A collective gasp sounded from Lacey’s family as the curtain was pulled aside, exposing her to the eyes. She let out a little gasp herself when she caught a glimpse of her reflection.
“Lacey,” Her mother sighed, eyes glued to her daughter.
“I never thought I’d see the day when you looked pretty,” Her brother, Liam, laughed, earning himself a look from his older sister. She tucked her curls behind her ear, smiling when she couldn’t maintain her glare.
“I can’t believe they made this in two days,” Lacey murmured.
“Wow!” Her sister giggled.
“Hush, Payton. Daddy hasn’t seen yet,” her mother murmured, gesturing outside the door. There was a moment of silence, everyone in awe of the future queen.
“Erm, princess Lacey, the ceremony is beginning in two minutes,” an assistant popped her head in. “Also, you have a visitor.”
“Oh?” Lacey asked, as he walked in. “Andy!”
“I wish I could give you a huge, but I’d probably destroy this masterpiece,” he joked with a smile, coming up to her.
“Two minutes, Lacey. Be prepared,” Liam warned, leading mother and Payton out of the room.
“Andy, I’m not ready,” she murmured as the door shut.
“I know, Lacey. I know.”
“I want to sneak out again, go to the city. Dance in the restaurants.”
“I know, yet I don’t think we can anymore. After this we won’t have the time, nor safety.”
“We can wear masks. We’ve never been safe, Andy.” She protested. He shook his head, looking down at his feet.
“We can’t, Lacey. Okay? You have responsibilities now. We can’t risk it.”
“Lacey, it’s time,” Mother popped her head in. Lacey took a deep breath, taking Andy’s hand as he lead her out.
Father waited outside the door, dressed in his formal suit. Lacey wrapped her hand through his arm as Andy left to take his seat.
“Father?” Lacey asked.
“I am going to have to make a good impression, aren’t I?” He sighed.
“Yes, there are a lot of important people there who are looking to work with you.”
Lacey didn’t get to answer. The musicians started playing, each note echoing in harmony through the halls. The doors in front of the father and daughter opened, and the ceremony began.

Lacey stood in front of the her father after taking her vows, her dress flowing behind her. Bowing down, the silver crown was placed on her brow, and she turned to face the audience. They clapped, and clapped and clapped as she walked back down the aisle. Andy waited for her with open arms outside the door, and they embraced in silence.

Also, here’s a super rough sketch of Lacey in her coronation gown for you all


Here’s my final story!
Melore looked out at the camera and took a deep breath. She was nervous, even though she’d done this many times before. She started speaking.“Hello, good Citizens!” she said, speaking into the microphone. Her silver armor gleamed. “Welcome to the place where we we our personalities through our armor!” A loud crash interrupted her. In the back of the studio, a man stumbled through. On the back of his armor he had a purple lightning bolt, the sign of the Rebels.He stood up and yelled, “Says who? The emperor?” He said with scorn in his voice. “You mean the one who forces us to cover our true bodies, with nothing to distinguish us but the shape of our helms? Let me show you what I think of him!” He spat on the ground. He started to say more, but a group of people in black armor ran in and grabbed him. As he was carried away, he yelled, “Melore, your parents…” He was quickly gagged and rushed away. Melore was stunned. Her parents had died 5 years ago under mysterious circumstances. She had heard of Rebel attacks but had never witnessed one in person. She thought about what he had said. True, the emperor did force them to wear armor, put it was to protect them! True, the only think that distinguished them was the shape of their helms, but that was because being too different was dangerous! Her thoughts were interrupted by the loud crowing of the director of the show. CUT! CUT! CUT! It was like he had never heard his own voice before, or something. Melore shook her head, trying to stop thinking about the Rebels. However, throughout the whole show she was distracted. The director got so frustrated that he told everyone there were technical difficulties and they couldn’t shoot the show. After the show, Melore got into the elevator and waited to get up to her room. She said, “Elevator, put on the latest news about the Rebels” The elevator’s soothing female voice replied, “That news is forbidden by the empire. Please enter your access code to continue.” Since Melore was a famous actor, she had the access code to everything. She quickly entered it and the news came on.
“The Rebels, a group outlawed by the empire has been active recently. Spies report whispers of a device that can remove your armor. If any news is heard of this, it will be reported immediately. They are rumored to be hiding somewhere near xxxxxxxxxx, xxxxxx. And now, a moment to remember the famous actors Melore’s parents. Alina and Estare were famous actors. However, they soon turned to the dark side. They joined the Rebels and started working against the Empire. They were involved in a raid and were captured five years ago on this very day. Thank you for listening.” Melore gasped her parents weren’t dead or missing! They had been captured. Melore knew what she had to do. She looked toward the buttons, and pressed the one that said, xxxxxxxxxx, xxxxxx. However the elevator didn’t change directions. Instead, it continued shooting upward. Melore watched, puzzled, as it shot right past her floor in the Empire State Building. It continued shooting upwards to the very top floor. Shocked, Melore realized that this was the Emperor’s floor! With a small beep the elevator’s door opened. Right behind them was the Emporer. He wore gold armor, and it nearly blinded her. “Come.” He said, commandingly. “I have received intelligence that you have listened to Rebel news, and have attempted to go to their hideout.” So as punishment…” he opened a door. “I have a little surprise for you” Inside were Melores parents. They had the signature purple star on their armor. She ran toward them, but slammed into an invisible barrier. The Emperor walked through the barrier as though it didn’t exist. “So, Melore! I take it you recognize these people?” Melore gritted her teeth and glared at him. “I happen to have a job for you. You are to infiltrate the Rebels and give me all the information I want.” Melore stared at him with hate in her eyes. And who’s to say I will go along with this?” She said.The Emperor suddenly had a knife in his hands. “Well, If you don’t, I think you’ll find my hand might just slip over your parents throats…” He held the knife over her parent’s throat. Angry, Melore charged at him. She ran into the barrier again. It was some kind of glass. She went all the way around it until she found the place were the Emperor had come through. Here there was no glass. She ran in. The Emperor was so surprised he dropped his knife. Right on her mother’s neck. The knife seemed to fall in slow motion. Melore ran forward as if she could somehow stop it’s fall. It sliced right through her mother’s neck…and fell right through her. Suddenly Melore realized that her mother was a hologram and her parents really were dead. The Emperor had just been trying to force her to get information from the Rebels. Furious, Melore turned on the Emperor. Somehow he was gone. Suddenly the building begin to shake. A big block of something fell right next to her head. The Emperor must have set a self destruct or something. Melore ran to the elevator and desperately punched the buttons, but it didn’t work. She turned and looked desperately for stairs. She spotted some and ran toward them. She dodged falling debris and got to the stairs. She looked down. There was a long way to go. She would never make it in time. She ran back to the Emperor’s suite and found a window. Not so long. She did have a parachute feature in her armor. Then she didn’t even think about it. She just jumped. She fell through the air. At first she just felt pure terror until she used her parachute. Then she floated down gently. She banged against the building a few times, but her armor protected her. When she had almost gotten to the ground, she ran into a tree. The branches ripped into the parachute, tearing it to pieces. She fell to the ground. It felt like she had broken every bone in her body. Behind her the Empire State Building was still crumbling. The last thing she remembered before she blacked out was a flash of purple. When she awoke, the first thing she saw was a person with a purple lightning bolt on his armor. “Hi” He said. “I’m Estare. Welcome to the Rebels! We have a job for you.”Melore tried to get out of the bed, but she was suddenly wracked with pain. Her leg was broken. Estare started talking again. “Anyway, your leg’s seriously broken, but I think it will be fine. But before we talk healing, let’s tell you the plan.” Estare quickly filled her in. Slowly, Melore began to smile. “Let’s do this!”
A few weeks later, Melore stood in front of a crowd, doing a live show. She wasn’t nervous this time.“Hello, good Citizens!” she said, speaking into the microphone. Her silver armor gleamed. “Welcome to the place where we we our personalities through our armor!” She hit a hidden button. There was a loud click as everyone’s armor unlocked. “And now, we’ll see more than just our personalities!”


Here is a sketch that would be the cover

You have to enlarge it to get the full image


Can i draw ur armer?



All of the stories I received were great!!
Thanks to everyone who participated!

The story that one for this challenge was…

I really liked the characters and plot! You can pick any prizes that were listed!
Next challenge should come out tomorrow!
Also, I forgot to mention, there are no strikes!

Thank you and have a nice day!


Congratulations @RavenclawGirl! Your story was amazing, you definitely deserved this.


Thank you, thank you thank you! @Autumn_Leaves. I honestly thought that my story wouldn’t win, but thanks! Could I have a shoutout? No one really pays attention to me. Thanks!


weres rthe next chalenge?


Sure!! On which topic? :333


It will come out today.
Hint: it’s another character design challenge


ima actuly put some thought into this one. ared we aloud to get pepole to edit?


Yeah! You could get people to read over your work to check for any challenge! Thanks for asking!


Ooh, awesome! I had a lot of fun on the last one, hopefully this one will be just as good! :D



This weeks theme/topic is character design again! This will be like last challenge, but a little different.
So, without further ado, this weeks challenge is to create a character based on the physical traits I give you!


Scar over left eye
black hair
casual clothing
lean build
bad posture

Again, its pretty vague, so feel free to add whatever you want in order to develop the character! I kind of tried to pick traits that work against each other. (scar+glasses)
This will be due on Saturday, November 18th at 4:00 EST U.S time. Thank you and have a nice day!


Congrats, amazing free who is smart and funny!
It really deserved to win.
Edit: lol that character is me


That just reminds we completely of Harry Potter.


@Autumn_Leaves, does our character have to start with the scar or can we make the character get it?


XD I just realized that it is like Harry Potter. And to answer your question, yeah! Also, one question about your prize, where would you like it, on there (drawing topic, etc) or Hopscotch?