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Well, they should be based off those character traits, but they do not need to have all of them. (Sorry for the late reply.)



I divided the traits beyond the emperor and the main character.

The antagonists are based off of someone else’s work, but just in names.

Ile knew what was coming, was prepared for it, but didn’t expect it to be such a large operation. He and his brother were on patrol when a group of pirates attacked. One of them replaced Ile and faked Ile’s ■■■■■; Ile had just defected. Now he just had to avoid his brother, and he was doing that well. He pulled a lever and sat back as he escaped. He had done it. He had joined the enemy. The pirates would probably be destroyed, but he would live on. At least as long as he can. He couldn’t even imagine what his brother thought of his alleged ■■■■■, but he didn’t care.

Ile was on approach to the enemy base Wait- no, not enemy. The base where he will live for the rest of his life.
“Who are you and why are you here? Do you have clearance code?” A voice said out of his communicator.
“I am Ile Tiurf, and I just defected. I will send clearance codes now,” Ile said.
He pushed a button and a few seconds later the voice said “Good. The Emperor is expecting you.”
Ile walked into the base, and through several doors, until he saw him: the emperor.
“I’ve been expecting you,” The emperor said.
“My lord,” Ile said, nodding at him.
“Unfortunately you were close to someone who is completely loyal to the Empire I just betrayed. Kill him,” the emperor said.
Ile was stunned for so long that they almost succeeded, but Ile was clever.
“I may still care for my brother, but your master may teach me how to remove those feelings,” Ile said, about to employ his brother’s hunch.
“I have no master,” the emperor hissed.
“That’s not true. Is not you master, oh, I forgot his name, Shadow, or something?” Ile said
“Yes, yes. How do you know of Shado?” The emperor said.
“I don’t. Though now that you’ve betrayed me, we will all die,” Ile said, throwing grenades everywhere.
There was an explosion and the roof collapsed, killing everyone in the room.


Am i to late?
Do you like to write: no i’m signing up for a writing club because because i hate writing.of course i do
What kinds of things do you write: I don’t write mutch but what i have writen is some bad harry poter fanfiction
Have you been in a writing club before?:No
Will you try to do all the challenges and tell me if you cannot?: Yep


No, you’re not too late! The first challenge was already posted! So, your in! :DDD



Okay! Here’s a short story’s I wrote:

Jack & Jill TWIST:
Jack and Jill took turns hoisting the heavy metal bucket, feeling the itchy grass below their feet. As they travelled down the hill, they looked up at the blue sky and pointed out birds that caught their eye.
The siblings smiled at their mother as they entered the house, placing the pail full of water on the worn wooden kitchen table. Suddenly, Jill cried out,
“Jack, may we go roll down the big hill? It’s so nice today and I want to pick flowers for Mother anyway.”
Jack agreed, and they set off towards the hill with Jack leading the way. On the short walk there, he pointed out trees and taught his younger sister the names. However, Jill was more interested in calling out to the pretty birds perched in the leafy branches. Brother and sister ended up staying for a while in the tree-filled grove at Jill’s persuasive insisting.
Once Jill was ready to go, she forcefully grabbed Jack’s arm and pulled him ahead. Jack stumbled forward and felt his leather shoe catch on a nasty root…he pitched forward, his arms flailing. The last thing he saw before the world went dark was his sister’s smirk along with an accomplished expression.


Ooh yes I’m excited

I love designing characters!
One question: we’re able to add and complicate traits, right? I’d like my character for this to be almost fully developed.


Yes! The character traits here are just basic. You can add on to them/ add more as you like.


Dang that went…downhill pretty fast


Oof test;



ya don’t say


Sam smirked. It was her favorite day of the year, April Fools Day. She had already set some pranks out yesterday evening. A shriek came from downstairs.
Dad, a spider in your coffee is such an old trick.
Sam slipped on a green shirt and some sweatpants. Then she went downstairs to make breakfast. Obviously some toaster waffles, to be as safe as possible.
Sam gritted her teeth as she pulled out a waffle. Sure enough, there was a little doll holding a knife.
That is just evil, bro. Hunter, I will get my revenge.
As Sam was putting fake worms and other tricky stuff in her backpack, she felt a squirt of water on the back of her head.
“April fool, hon,” her annoying teenage sister, Maddie said. “I got you!”
“We’ll just see about that, Mad Girl,” Sam replied.
Sam had done the meanest thing possible, writing “Mrs. Hackney is poo!” On Maddie’s homework, emulating Maddie’s handwriting. She had wanted to change all the answers, but decided against it. It wouldn’t really matter, Maddie would see it.
Sam was walking to school.
My April Fools Day trick is going to rule!
When she got there, the teachers were gone, and so was the principal.
She heard a few whispers saying,
“Is this a prank?”
Sam knew. She had changed the whole school’s day plan so it indicated no school. It was really easy to hack, actually. Everyone was texting and talking and really enjoying themselves.
It’s coming in 3,2,1.
A minute later, kids were getting texts from their parents, telling them to come home.
This is the best prank ever.


Marie sat at the table. Her mother fussed over her, similar, Marie thought, to a mother hen and her chicks.
Cherie, are you sure you want to go into school today? You are very, very sick. You vomited in PE yesterday, and your teacher sent home a note. My daughter, you should not go in, not when you are in this delicate state.”
"Mum, it’s fine, I’m fine. I’ve got an important test today, anyway."
Her brother, Ezra, came down just in time to hear the tail end of this remark. "Mum, she’s fine. She was fine on the bus back yesterday, anyway."
Marie whimpered, pain etched across her face. She doubled over, clutching her knees. When she saw her mother’s worried look, she straightened up, saying briskly, "It’s fine, mum. I’ll just get my bag, the bus will be here soon."
Wincing slightly as she got up, she grabbed her bright pink backpack and walked to the door.
Cherie, you are not going in to school like that. Put your bag away and go upstairs to rest.”
Really? Can I? Are you sure? I’m missing important schoolwo-”
“To bed!” her mother ordered. "And stay there until you’re better."
Marie smiled wanly. Ignoring Ezra’s amused eye roll, she dropped the brightly coloured bag on the floor and tiptoed to her room.
Curling up on her bed, she smirked and stretched out, already planning her day.
Life was good.


heres mine. Idk if its any good.

School was anoying, listaning to there falsafied miltary history. The greatst milatary power and they made there victorys. They dident need to anymore. They had the R8, the most powerful rocket lancher in the world, and it was my job to steal it. I had risen to the top of my class, training hard for there army. I spent years here, working twords the R8 traning program. When i got in i only had one chance to steel it.
I stood outside the room that containd my prize, fidaling with my thick glases. I taped a buton on the side and returned them to my face. The first few seconeds wer disorientating, as they alwas are but i was able to see through the dore. Two gaurds and securaty camras. I had to be fast. I took out my keycard and swiped. The door opend
"What are you doing here?" One of the gaurds asked. I had to think fast. I grabed one gaurds gun out of his holster and shot out the light. In the suden darkness i ran. A bulet flew past my head, stricking the meatle of the seconed dore. I swiped my card and ran in, slaming the dore and shooting the lock. I graved an R8 and ran out the back dore.
“Sam can you hear me? " said a voice in my ear. “Do you have the packege?”
“Yeh” i replied " i got it. Coming to the extraction point.” I stoped runing and started walking to the helipad. It was not unushal for pepole to leave on late night mishions, so no one payed me any mind. As i aproched the helipad two things hapend at onece. The alarm went off and a ship apered out of nowere.
“Drop the rope!” i yelled into my ear piece “there coming!” A rope droped down from the ship and i grabed it. It slowly pulled me up. I clamberd into the ship and saw the piolet.
“Good to see you sam” alex said “the kids miss you”


Haiii! @Autumn_Leaves


Here’s my story!
The character with these traits is The Emperor
• tricky
• smart
• clever
• important
• leader

Melore looked out at the crowd and took a deep breath. She was nervous, even though she’d done this many times before. She started speaking.

“Hello, good Citizens!” she said, speaking into the microphone. Her silver armor gleamed. “Welcome to the place where we we our personalities through our armor!” A loud crash interrupted her. In the back of the theater, a man stumbled through. On the back of his armor he had a purple lightning bolt, the sign of the Rebels.He stood up and yelled, “Says who? The emperor?” He said with scorn in his voice. “You mean the one who forces us to cover our true bodies, with nothing to distinguish us but the shape of our helms? Let me show you what I think of him!” He spat on the ground. He started to say more, but a group of people in black armor ran in and grabbed him. As he was carried away, he yelled, “Melore, your parents…” He was quickly gagged and rushed away. Melore was stunned. Her parents had died 5 years ago under mysterious circumstances. She had heard of Rebel attacks but had never witnessed one in person. She thought about what he had said. True, the emperor did force them to wear armor, put it was to protect them! True, the only think that distinguished them was the shape of their helms, but that was because being too different was dangerous! Her thoughts were interrupted by the loud crowing of the director of the show. CUT! CUT! CUT! It was like he had never heard his own voice before, or something. Melore shook her head, trying to stop thinking about the Rebels. However, throughout the whole show she was distracted. The director got so frustrated that he told everyone there were technical difficulties and they couldn’t shoot the show. After the show, Melore got into the elevator and waited to get up to her room. She said, “Elevator, put on the latest news about the Rebels” The elevator’s soothing female voice replied, “That news is forbidden by the empire. Please enter your access code to continue.” Since Melore was a famous actor, she had the access code to everything. She quickly entered it and the news came on.
“The Rebels, a group outlawed by the empire has been active recently. Spies report whispers of a device that can remove your armor. If any news is heard of this, it will be reported immediately. They are rumored to be hiding somewhere near xxxxxxxxxx, xxxxxx. And now, a moment to remember the famous actors Melore’s parents. Alina and Estare were famous actors. However, they soon turned to the dark side. They joined the Rebels and started working against the Empire. They were involved in a raid and were captured five years ago on this very day. Thank you for listening.” Melore gasped her parents weren’t dead or missing! They had been captured. Melore knew what she had to do. She looked toward the buttons, and pressed the one that said, xxxxxxxxxx, xxxxxx. However the elevator didn’t change directions. Instead, it continued shooting upward. Melore watched, puzzled, as it shot right past her floor in the Empire State Building. It continued shooting upwards to the very top floor. Shocked, Melore realized that this was the Emperor’s floor! With a small beep the elevator’s door opened. Right behind them was the Emporer. He wore gold armor, and it nearly blinded her. “Come.” He said, commandingly. “I have received intelligence that you have listened to Rebel news, and have attempted to go to their hideout.” So as punishment…” he opened a door. “I have a little surprise for you” Inside were Melores parents. She ran toward them, but slammed into an invisible barrier. The Emporer walked through the barrier as though it didn’t exist. “So, Melore! I take it you recognize these people?” Melore gritted her teeth and glared at him. “I happen to have a job for you. You are to infiltrate the Rebels and give me all the information I want.” Melore stared at him with hate in her eyes. And who’s to say I will go along with this?” The Emperor suddenly had a knife in his hands. “Well, If you don’t, I think you’ll find my hand might just slip over your parents throats…”
Okay, that’s my story! There’s more to it if you want to hear it, though you probably won’t, it’s so bad. Sorry it’s like, really long!


Thank you! And this was a good idea! And srry for late entry!


Mine’s pretty long, so it’s in a details:

My story

Ally stood in front of her mirror. On the outside, she seemed like a pretty girl. Dark brown hair cut into a bob, with an aqua streak on the right side. Soft chocolate brown eyes. Tan skin that was darkened even more from all her trips to visit family in California.

But she certainly didn’t feel like a pretty girl. The little voice inside her head chimed all the insults she could think of. Fat. Ugly. Gross. Not good enough. Stúpid. Imperfect.

Ally sighed, chasing down her thoughts as if it was cinnamon candy being swallowed down by water. It was almost time to leave for school anyway.

Quickly, she ran down the stairs, grabbing her backpack and a protein bar for the road. Nobody on the bus even cared anymore if they ate. It was technically against school rules, but high schoolers took rules like that with a grain of salt. It never went over well.

She waved goodbye to her mom and put on a happy face. That was the Ally that her friends knew; happy and cheerful. If they only knew what I was really like, she thought. They’ll think I’m a psychotic idíot.

Suddenly, a familiar voice rang out across the street, at the intersection where the bus stop was. “Hey, Als!” It was Brandi, her best friend since…well, forever, pretty much. Ally was…popular, you might say, but she never felt like it, and besides, she had her closest friends too.

Ally waved back. “Hola!” she called back, her smooth Italian accent carrying across lawns to her friend. She quickly crossed the street and joined Brandi. They talked and laughed and showed each other funny videos on YouTube. But little did Brandi know that the Ally she was talking to was not the Ally she really knew.

The bell at Maple Point High School rang, signaling the start of second period. Ally, Brandi, and their other best friend, Lili, all had social studies together, and they were gathered in their desks, discussing the morning and everyday girl stuff. That’s when their teacher, Mr. Moore, entered the room.

“Good morning, class!” he called out cheerfully. “Today we’re going to start working on our United States Presidents project. First of all, yes, this will be a group project with a group of your choice.”

Immediately, Ally felt two hands clamp onto her arms. Lili and Brandi. Duh.

Mr. Moore went on, talking about the project and the grades and such. He was a fun teacher, but he could be a little boring sometimes too. “Lastly, you will need to elect a leader for your groups. The leader will help direct the project and kind of float over the other group members. Alright, go!”

The 3 girls claimed the table in the back of the room. Lili was the first to say, “I think Ally should be our leader. She’s the smart one here.”

“I second that,” said Brandi.

What Ally thought about that decision: What the **** are y’all thinking? That means we’ll have the crappÿ project here. Good lord.

What she actually said: “Oh, um…thanks, I guess? Anyway, let’s try not to choose a president everybody knows, like Lincoln or Roosevelt. Also, try to be as creative as possible.”

“Ah, very clever,” said Brandi. “See, this is why we elected you as our leader, Als. You’re a genius at these kind of things.”

You sure about that?

They decided who would do what. Ally would do the poster, Lili would research, and Brandi would make little “artifacts” that described the life of their president, who was James Polk, out of clay.

Ally began sketching out the bubble letters on their poster. Grunting, she erased and erased and erased some more. It took five minutes before she got the first two letters traced. Then she picked up her Sharpie, and the slight curve of the cardboard trifold made the ink dip down slightly, messing up the line.

“ARGH!” she yelled, throwing down her pen. Then she buried her face in her hands, drowning out the voices of her classmates and the worried looks her best friends were giving her.

Why can’t I just be fricking normal? Why am such a perfectionist? Why do I even bother staying on this planet anymore? Why do I have these stùpid scars on my wrists? WHY?

But she very well knew the answer. It was because of that day, exactly three years and one month ago.


Whoa you took the time to right all that? Wow. I saw you replying so… congrats!


My story is going to be a really long, just letting you know. It will definitely be done by the deadline, though.


this sounds like me.