Autumn/Back to School Contest!


Hi! I'm going to open a Autumn/Back to School Contest!

Anyone can enter, and you don't have to alert me if you enter. You simply have to post your project here!

Here’s what you should do if you choose to enter:

Create a autumn or back to school-related project (game, movie, art, whatever!)

Publish your project and post a link to it in this topic!
(You don't have to ask to join! All you have to do is submit a project!)
Some rules:

You cannot submit a project published before July 31st, 2016.

It can be a remix, but the fact that it is a remix will be accounted for in the judging process.
It can be a collab, but only one person can get the prizes.
You may only submit 1 project, although if you want to submit another project simply delete your old post and submit the better one.


First Place:
- A Collab Account!
- Follow From Me to Someone of your choice (credit to bcm for this one)
- Laiks.
- Suutout!
- Nominaiton for featured!
- You can request a trail art project from me
- Follow from me and Maltese XD
- A request of trail art or music from Maltese (your choice)
- A request drawing or project (noting big) from Bananadog

Second place:
- Follow from me to a person of your choice
- Nomination for Featured
- Shoutout
- Follow from Maltese or me (of your choice)

Third place:
- Shoutout
- Likes
- Follow from me (of your choice)

Our judges will be: @Maltese, @Bananadog, @EnchantedAnimallover (This might change)!

Project rubric:
Graphics/Design -out of 30 points
Difficulty to code -out of 20 points
Creativity -out of 20 points
Use of different blocks -out of 10 points
Amount of lag/clean functionality -out of 20 points

@BuildASnowman , can I use that rubric above? ^^^

Projects must be submitted by September 1st, 2016.

Also, Do you want to be a judge? Simply enter this form! I will accept 3 others!

Will You Judge Fairly?
Are you a regular?
Hopscotch Username:
Are you willing to do the prizes?
What kind of projects do you consider amazing?

Okey! Now enter and stuff. XD

@Intellection74, @Maltese, @Bananadog, @BuildASnowman, @Mathgirl, @SmilingSnowflakes, @Kiwicute2016, and @Gilbert189, can you guise halp me judge? If you can, could you maybe help me give out tittles?

Credit to BAS, Kiwicute, and Gilbert for the things written. I just changed some stuff!

Words of Maltese: DISCLAIMER: May take 2-5 months to finish any request Maltese has been given due to procrastination.

tag list


Greetings, again... 😏😆

I made something like this


I will enter both of these!


Can I be a judge????


Fill out the form and I will think about it! c:

Also, to respond to your post above, just to say that I want to open my own, and I'm trying to get he leaders in on this! cx



I will think about it! :D


Thanks! :D



Cool! It's amazing! c:


But what if you already follow me? :3
Will I get a replacement for the follow if I win? (Not saying that I will, durrrr :3 @KVJ @Maltese)


@EnchantedAnimallover I'd love to judge or help out! :D
This is such a cool contest! :smiley:


Also, @Bananadog, could someone request something from you for first place? And also, if you can, what?

@Snoopy, then I won't unfollow you? XD

I can't think right now :P


I can certainly help you judge! :smile:


I want to be a judge with Banny! :D
And Malty! :3


I thought you and Banny were leaders. XD

You guise were out with the other leaders! c:


Oh no certainly not nope I'm not a leader XD


And can someone request a music piece or trail art from you? c:


Can I be a judge? :D


Fills out ze form pls!