Automated Messages With Code?


So, I've been messing around with a simple concept like this:

I've been thinking, and there has to be a percent chance in any piece of writing where a specific letter would appear.

So, my question is:
Would you like it if I made all the chances of making a specific letter, in this project? I think it would lead to some crazy results! Hopefully actual words!

So, this is basically the whole monkeys and typewriter thing evolved.


That's going to be hard...
...but I think it's a great idea!

You can test it out!


a 8.167%

b 1.492%

c 2.782%

d 4.253%

e 12.702%

f 2.228%

g 2.015%

h 6.094%

i 6.966%

j 0.153%

k 0.772%

l 4.025%

m 2.406%

n 6.749%

o 7.507%

p 1.929%

q 0.095%

r 5.987%

s 6.327%

t 9.056%

u 2.758%

v 0.978%

w 2.361%

x 0.150%

y 1.974%

z 0.074%

That's how often they occur, now I just have to input that! And add the chances for spaces.


I found the word pub


So I'm weird because


Has both a Q and a Z and I have one every other day?


Not to hate, but it's nice to just put [random (0) to (25)] or put 26 instead for a space.


Oh wow. Oh wow oh wow oh wow! This is exactly the kind of thing that I love doing. So, what you have stumbled upon here is a type of "Markov Chain", where you take percentages for each letter or number or whatever you are generating and than generate new stuff. @codinghorror, the co creator of discourse, has a great blog post on them:

Now, here is something cool to think about:
You have the percentages for each letter, and you will generate random words or at least things that look like words with this, but what if instead of taking the percentage that each letter appears in the English language, you take the percentage that each letter appears in Shakespeare's plays? Would you be able to generate Shakespearean words and even sentences/paragraphs?

If you look up 'Markov chain percentages' or 'Markov Chain transitional matrices' I'm sure you can find some more percentages for letters that you can experiment with. The only thing is, in most chains, the percentages are how often a follow b or c follow d, not just how often they appear. But that's besides the point. Experiment with this. Have fun with this. These types of experiments are exactly the kind of stuff I love and will take you to awesome places.


I want to give the project a shot, but I put the random value instead.

All credit goes to you:

Is it good? Is it wrong? Please tell me what can I improve in the project so it will look like what you are talking about in the main post.


This is reeeally cool! I like this!
There is an interesting thought (?) about this, called Babels library. It's a webpage, containing all books that have ever been written, or could be written. That means, every single letter combination aivable.



You can use random numbers in a way like,
M has 2.406 percent chance,
Add all the percentages for the letters together.
Make all percentages 4 digit amounts.
Like 2.406 , make it 2406.
If a random number chosen is 1 to 2406.
Then display "N"

O is 7.507 percent so,
If random number is 2407 to 9914
Then display "O"

And so on.


Exactly! You've got it!

I want a simple interface for me to input the chances of a letter occurring, and I can easily switch that around so I could do a simple, children's book, and get "cat" and "dog", or do an advanced book, and hopefully get difficult words!


@Stradyvarious, @BuildASnowman, @justanerd, @anyoneelsewhocanhelp

So, I need a way to input all of these percent chances, without lag, and simply.

Any ideas?


Remember I said just add all the percentages together as 4 digit numbers.
Not decimals.
Have a text create a clone and move right and create clone etc.
When clones made choose random number between 1 to 50000(whatever the total amount of 4 digit numbers is)

If numbers between 1 and 8167
Set text to "A"

If between 8168 and whatever
Set text to "B"


Okay, so...
"Check once if (Value) greater than (Number)
Check once if (Value) smaller than (Number)
Set text to (A)"?

I've tried, but it seems like it lags the editor..


Don't know why it lags.
I can't really help you any further.


Use abilities to lag the project, don't to lag the editor... It's difficult ;-;


Okay, thanks!

I appreciate the help!


@Justanerd I emailed you the info.


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