Auto Follow HELP!


Help me my peoples!
And any other auto follows!
Where are my followers? I am getting no new follows since about an hour ago.
I made a new account, and it says I follow nobody!!! Are they making a new auto follow, or what?


On my random new account, this is all I get:

I don't even follow The Hopscotch Team!


It's a trap!


Yeah, it's happening to me too for about two hours. I hope they don't remove me from being an Autofollow.


Let me try to check...

Okay I'm not a good source, my tab is spammed with likes


What if they removed auto follows all together :scream:


They may be removing @Funky_63_Greenland because he left hopscotch!:fearful::scream::fearful: but this meens a new hopscotcher will take his place!


He left...? And they probably didn't remove autofollows


Woah, weird!
I'm looking in my activity and I see no projects except for OS's and other non-autofollows!
I think that they removed it... @admins??
(Also I ain't auto... but I still get spammed xD)
EDIT: @OrangeScent1 soon... soon we shall join the club xD


Yes of bullyin.g it was a whole topic about it and then he jumped in and he said he was quitting he did even call someone a baby! and if you search him you won't find him posting that I think he deleted it


Anybody have ideas why this has happened?


Together girl, together XD


hehe i might have spammed you just a little bit
also on topic
this is weird and it happened to me when i created a random new account


Yeah, I have no idea what's going on. I emailed them, no response yet.


I hate it when ppl spam me .-. I can never find my requests ever since they took out "Remixes of my Projects" .-.
Anyways, yeah, this is weird..?


The remixes is still here...


oopsie sowwy i was just liking all the projects ii missed when i wasnt on my ipad :grin: :sweat_smile:


What? No, I don't see it...


I don't have it...? @admins?