Auto feature?! (Idea)



Hey guys as you may know there is a lot of awesome projects that the hopscotch team does not see so I was thinking of something called...
auto features!

How this works

When a project gets liked and viewed a lot it sends it to the hopscotch team and the hopscotch team sees if it is a safe and a good auto feature! I think this would be very cool for the awesome people that we never saw!


Two Words
MagmaPOP Projects
Plus, the hopscotch team is doing an AMAZING job of updating featured already!


Yeah but magmaPOP's projects becaus they already are in featured or trending!


If that were the case, most popular Hopscotchers would be on that list, and it would give less chance for someone else to get on Featured.


Wouldn't this just turn featured into trending?
Although it feels awesome to get on trending, I think people would appreciate it more knowing that the hopscotch team liked their project and put it in featured.
This might be something that could work, potentially, I just think it might have a lot of setbacks.:wink:


Yeah I know guys this is not the best idea! But the hopscotch team would half to choose which ones get on because they get sent to them!