🇦🇺Australia Team Topic🇦🇺: recruiting



Do any of you guys wanna be part of the Australian team in the olympics challenge?
There are five different events:

  • Pixel art (I can do that)
  • Trail art
  • Sin and cos
  • Coolest background
  • Olympic themed project (of any kind)

Here is the link to the original topic, look there for more info:


I'd love to but I'm busy with IRL stuff (moving, back to school, I'm sick)

I hope some other Aussies sign up since I can't!

I'm not really good at this sorta stuff anyway XD


Come on Aussies! We've only got like two days but let's make them count! Who wants to part of the Olympic challenge?

Reply with which event you would like to do!


I'm sorry but u can't really do this. You can't just join my Olympic challenge. We already closed sign ups.

@Kiwicute2016 @Gilbert189
Is this okay? She can't really just say that she's joining my contest


Sure that's cool. I thought when you liked you meant yes. I'm excited to see all the cool projects that come out of your challenge!

Btw no one signed up for the Aussie team anyway​:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::sweat_smile:


And also @moderators , you can close the topic


I'm planning on doing another contest so u can join


I'll join! I'll do pixel art :D


Sorry but u can't join this team


If there is an Aussie Team, is there a Kiwi Team?:wink:🇳🇿


Why not?


They closed the recruiting of new teams and coders​:slight_frown:



That's a little unfair...


Actually it's not. Someone can't just decide to join my contest. The teams in my contest were made by me. We already closed sign ups a couple of days ago


But it is due in like two days. I'm not even sure we could have got a team together and finished the projects.


I'm finding that a little mean...

Sorry if I took it the wrong way.


This is what I'm saying:

I opened sign ups for my contest

20 ppl sign up so I split them into 4 teams of five

This Australian team just decided to join which isn't fair

And what I said wasn't mean

Hosting a contest is really hard


Well, you seem a bit like you need to cool off.

@SmilingSnowflakes could you help me? I feel stuck :frowning:


@Rainboom I really don't need to cool off its just that I have a million other things to do

Basically I already had a sign up and then the teams were made. An outside team can't just decide to join the contest espesially if they don't have permission from me

Also, I said no to outside teams already so it wouldn't be fair to let this one in

I really hope you don't take this in a mean way cause it's not meant to be mean



Sure, anyways...