🇦🇺 Australia Team Topic for the Hoplympics 🇦🇺 (OTHER TEAMS PLEASE DO NOT LOOK WE ARE SHARING PROGRESS)



This is the Aussies team topic! :D

So enchanted wanted me to put this:
The captain gets to choose which person does which event. You may not argue to get another one unless she lets you. Remeber, this is a nice topic. When someone doesn't turn it in on time, remember to not cause a flame war.

Yey :3


@Rainboom (captain)


Trail art: GoatLord
Pixel art: WinningMonkey
Game: HopedHoper
Background: weathercats
Sin and cos: Rainboom

I'll go have a look at the team members profiles and choose which event your in :D

Can you all tell me your HS username?


Mine is GoatLord.


I know that lol I follow you XD


U told me to say it so i said it



I put you as trail art :D


Does it have to be olympic related


Yep! :D

At least I think so...

@EnchantedAnimallover can u explain pls?


WeatherCats is my in game


Cool! :D


So what am I assigned?


Ohh background okay.


Your assigned to BGs (backgrounds) :D


Okay then. We'll see how I do.


I'm sure you'll do great :D


Do you know how prizes are distributed?(as in shared out, everyone gets one, stuff like that)


Not totally... I think they just give them to you XD

Idk ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Some team captain I am ;-;


What about me :slight_frown:
Was I forgotten


OMG I AM SOOOO SORRY!!!!!!!!! :0000

I completely forgot!!!!! I'll add you now XD


So hopedhoper and winningmonkey are CoSine and Game?


It's fine
Don't worry, at least you know now​:blush: