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Thx!!! That really helped!!!


Are you coding anything for HHC2017 and have you started your thing yet? I havent


How are things going on?


Well it seems like we shouldn’t quite start on it yet considering that you did say for us not to select our events yet…

But other than that fine!


It’s hard… but I think we’ll go just fine… hopefully


And also… @DMF that trail art I’ve been trying to do… did I ever tell you that I’ve never done a trail art before… can I do a game or something… arty a BG maybe???


Are you getting on okay?
@DMF do you know your teams progress?


I will help you. @weathercats is making a BG now :wink:


Nope yet :stuck_out_tongue:


Okay. You might want to find out as I’m shortening the turn in time to the 19th November 2017


Il restart the project and try again… il see how I go…


I just realised I’ve posted 22 percent of this topic


Any progress? Sorry, but you all should reply. We need to make projects at time.


Do you remember that you need to make an Australia-related BG? (It should have blue, red colors and white stars)
Please use more HSBs, it will look better then.
Plus, can you show me a screenshot?


Any progress? If not, we can make it together. You will post anything you’ve done, and I’ll finish it and add some details.


Maybe you should submit your Halloween pixel art? It looks amazing :+1:


Any progress on your game, senpai? Can you show me a screenshot?


It needs to be Australia related? Since when?

Edit: I just checked, no official announcement saying it needs to be themed after ANYTHING. So I will continue as I planned. And whatever the date it’s due on, I know that at most this project would take 3 days or so. I haven’t started it, the Halloween Contest was a bit rushed, but I can start work on it now. But even if it was 10 days away I wouldn’t be scrambling to get it done.


I have a problem that’s making my fish to not be exactly at a position when I want


Trying using set position maybe?