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The title says it all- here we can discuss our projects, collaborate, et cetera for Hoplympics 2017.
Members of our team and their project themes (done):
@DMF (CoSine)
@BB-Box (Game)
@Dolphin_coders (Pixel art)
@weathercats (BG)
@Stal98 (Trail art)

You can add your project themes next to your names. To edit the post, tap the pencil button.
Have fun!

Here’s the topic of Holympics:





Hello there!


@BB-Box I’ve already added your project theme… xD


ahh xD


@BB-Box oops, as we were editing the post at the same time, your edit disappeared… can you please edit the post again?


Thanks, Boxy :stuck_out_tongue:


deadline = dead line


Our leader should be:



dont vote for me


Nope. @Dolphin_coders I’m sorry ;-;


Lol @DMF I’ve not announced the captains yet XD


Well, we’re using a thing called “Election” xD


Election will end when I say so then XD


Welcome to weird me tho


Why are there 6 people on the team on the top post AND on the main post? I think there’s a limit of 5.

Edit: I do a lot of edits don’t I. But also, I think having whoever the leader is pick the project type for each person may help…


So, I signed up, but was do u do in the Hopolympics. Make good projects, better than the other teams???




Could I maybe do pixel art? :smiley:


Of course :D