Augmented Walking Trail BETA



@MR.GAM3R very similar right?


It has nothing to do with a season so my answer is no sadly... I am a judge so I know the rules and stuff.


Thanks. It is an old project, I stopped scrolling before I reached it, that's why I couldn't find it. I believe I saw a similar project before on @Funky_63_Greenland's profile.

@HopscotchRemixer hmm I use it quite a bit too...


@MR.GAM3R just wondering I sent it too Liza (I send all my projects to her for feedback almost) ((probably annoy her a lot to but she usually responds sorry Liza :/)) but do u think they'll like it ? I found it very cool for such a simple code


I'm a judge too lol i dont know walking in trails is a summer thing


THT will think whatever THT will think. I dint know what they are going to say if they even say something at all.


@MiNi I wanted to add you to the conversation lol hii


She is leaving....:tired_face::weary::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:


Yeah, I think so. It's probably even feature-worthy.


Like I said they usually give me feedback on games I make I just hope they appreciate it I feel like it opens the door for a lot of other color things for say a racing game


Littt I haven't had a feature in like 2 months


Well I've self nominated way to many games so I think Ima let it naturally happen this time and let someone else nominate it of course if they think they should


I haven't had a feature since march... I feel like I have been putting more work into my games my PONG game for example. I was kinda surprised when that didn't get featured. But, THT decision is their decision.


For real some of my better games have been made lately and they get unoticed but again it's cause hopscotch had higher expectations for common featured people


You ar pretty much asking us to do it... I honestly don't think we have to if you already sent it to THT. They probably consider every project they view.


No im not asking you I don't care honestly that's not my goal on hopscotch


They probably don't want a project made by the beta version on featured because then everyone is going to be like, "No, will I never be able to play Hopscotch again? I can't update it to the right version​:scream:" or something like that.


A feature is a feature yea I'm always honored when I get them but I don't need my games to be featured to be a good game


Yeah, I worked pretty hard on my wolf pixel art and they continuously feature certain pixel artists. A lot of people agreed that should've been featured.


Hey mini so this is my augmented Trail convo topic wanna check out the game?