Augmented Walking Trail BETA


#26 This game :slight_smile:



@HopscotchRemixer here's my topic come look at the game


Ok, I actually really like it. I don't know how complicated the code is but it is really cool... the only thing I would recommend doing is reducing the lag...which isn't even really a big deal anyways... that is all I really have to say.


The code is extremely simple if you look at it you'd be like for real that's it send a picture of what it looks like on your device, or a video I wanna see how it acts for other people


I can't upload a video but it is relatively smooth...


Here does the path show itself like this?


@MR.GAM3R your opinion on the game?


Is this a video or multiple screen shots binded together? If it's a video then it is really laggy and for my iPad it isn't that laggy.


It's a gif so yea a few photos of it but does the trail look like your walking through the forest like that?


Yeah it does actually...


Wow, that is really really awesome, @LegendOfFriday!! I'm impressed. It reminds me of a racing game, which would be cool if you turned the project into one (even if you didn't, it would still be cool ;) ). I always wanted to make one, but I don't know how. Is it hard to code/the code complex? Right now I don't have much of an idea on how it would work.

Next you should make it endless by reusing the clones. After playing it for a while, it got really slow, probably because it was reaching the maximum clone limit.


Why the .... lol you good?


It is actually using bb-box clone code from his amazing roller coaster game which you'd know if you read the title screen which I assume you did but yea the code is super simple it basically makes a clone then changes the position of the emoji by its lean % and then expands it to where the middle is cleared out kinda a glitch but I mean it works :joy:


Feel free to look at the code you'll probably be infuse of how such a tiny bit of code could make something so cool but that's have bb-boxs clone code works and it's great :+1:🏻


Do you have a link to his roller coaster game? I didn't see it on his profile.


When I was referring to it while making this game I think I liked it I'll go find the link


@MR.GAM3R here it is


@MR.GAM3R I t he to use "..." a lot. Probably overuse it...


Lol ig @HopscotchRemixer should I enter the project into the competition?


Into what competition?


The summer one that starts in 30 minutes...