Augmented Walking Trail BETA



So took bb-box clone code in his roller coaster game And then added the ability to make it move by what way the user is looking and then changed it to a forest emoji basically....I wanted you all to tell me how you like it and yes there will be bugs it's brand new and as a tip I'd say keep you device centered and when the trail is straight THHHEN tilt your device to look around now BB Hasn't gotten back with me if I was allowed to use his clone script but I'd be fine if he told me to take it off when he's on again just saying so yea guy I hope you like it it's actually really cool if you work it right here's link
If your device is slow this is what it would have looked like :joy:



Oh also I have switched back off beta so everyone can play it now​:pray:🏼:pray:🏼:pray:🏼:pray:🏼:pray:🏼


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Yes, it was awesome. I have always liked the roller coaster ride things and the things where you think you are going through a tunnel, so this just took it a step further.


Well I was playing the roller coaster thing and realized wow this is amazing but then I always think when I find stuff like this how could I make it better then I thought aha let's add a move brick in it :joy:


Do you want me to add the either the OMTL or POMTL?


Because of B.B.'s unbelievablely amazing script im alittle suprised he wasn't already making the script for what I did considering he added pretty much what I'd refer to as a heal brick in it putting it back on course after and effects done to it


That's reaaallllly bothering you isn't it lol jk I'd love for you too so others see it


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@sophia71205 if I was to be allowed to keep the game up do u think I should enter it in the summer contest?


What do u think @Rawrbear


Which summer contest? Hehe, I have not payed attention to those topic. It is awesome either way.


There doing an annual summer contest it starts tomorrow your probably one of the only people that didn't know about it :joy: I'm a judge on it and I mean if I enter a project i wouldn't enter it to win just for fun soo probably will lol


Wow lol like noones on right now


@PiesPuppies what do u think of the game?


huh which game?