Attention IOS iMovie users!(hopscotch related)



This is related I will explain later!

Okay so I have a hopscotch YouTube channel.

And I use IMovie on my iPad to edit.

I want to take this song

And I want to put it in iMovie IOS for background music for my hopscotch video!

So I need some help!

Bye, from the fluffy bear.




Ok, ao what youis first, make sure there's no background noise whatsoeverdo. Theyou place the iPad with iMovie and the iPad with the music down. Press the little microphone symbol on imovie, and that will give a three second countdown. At one second, press play for the music anddont move. When the music ends, press stop


Woah. That failed. Tried usi h a phone to type...



I will try this but the problem is, my parents are always here so they would wonder what the heck I was doing.



You just need to take your music file, and get it into your iPad music library so that you can import it into your project.