Attention :d :d (get ready)



Kon'nichiwa! Watashi wa on'nanoko o pasuteru ni watashi no namae o henkō suru tsumori Imu. Tonikaku, sono Nihondearu koto o okonatte. D: Watashi wa dare mo watashi ga itte iru ka o rikai shinai yō ni shitainode, soreha >:D

Shin meish: iPasuteru



I need to get a translator.


Okey I couldn't find one, because you're typing in Romaji (romanization of Japanese), and there's no working translators for Romaji to English.

I'll just guess.

Is this an announcement for you only speaking Japanese? XD


Nuu. I don't understand.

Google translate failed me ;-;

This is Japanese right? :P


It's just me saying I'm changing my name

To iPasutero


Cool name! :D

You might want to translate in English, though. XD

People might get confused, and they might not know you changed your name (I think that name changing announcements are quite important). XD


Oh cool! :D


I am so confused.
Google translate has betrayed me. ;-;


Is that Maori?



It's romanized Japanese (romaji)! :D


This is all I know....


Was searching through @iReesesCup's profile like always...
And I decided to look through this...

Why are you peeps depending on google translate? It is like one of the most inaccurate translators yet, but you can't get nothing perfect, can you?


Oh my gosh, you know Japanese? Romaji? Kanji? Kana? ...?

Doent even read post