Attention Collab People


I know this might be a stretch for some but this will help with collabs.
Hopstoch has created a school app. Yes it is $9.99 (without the tax) but you can make a crew and see the projects. It is on the lastest version and have all of the Characters. I hope you can do accounts because if so I will be using this now. Also I think it works with the normal version.


I like for you @BlackDawn!


Thank you I might get it because then you could not have to worry about hackers you could just publish the projects with something like #DawnClan or something like that. Hackers be gone. I hope it would be that you would have to put in the usernames.


I can't get paid things though. It is my Mom's IPad. :frowning:


No I can't until Christmas. I only have $2.00 left. JJX spree. Oh and here is a like for you:heart:. My first time to run out of likes @Rawrbear


I have 175$ :smirk: it's not that expensive:/


I guess you don't buy much. Back on topic one like for you.