Athlete coders topic chat topic! πŸ˜ƒ- NO MORE SPOTS!πŸ€—


No spots left

The old signing up info

I'm making a collab account called Athlete coders!

I will accept five top notch athletes and coders! This collab account will be for athletes to publish sports related projects. Unrelated projects will be deleted :slight_smile:

Member: Everyone starts and will most likely stay a member! Members can publish projects, chat on the chat draft, and do basically everything!

Moderator: I'm a mod! Mods can delete projects, and pretty much help out members.

All members are equal! Mods just help us keep things sports related!

Form to join:
What sports do you play?:
Tell me a little about the sport and position you play:

5 members will be accepted to start. Then, I will accept 2 mods plus me.

Mod form:
Why do you think you would be a good mod:
Will you be responsible?;
What sports and positions do you play?:
Anything else:

I will accept five members and 2 mods, but not just the first people to ask. I will choose from who enters if anyone even enters!

Our goal is to get a lot of features on this account together. You can make projects together, or make your own. All drafts will be safe and not deleted unless the creator or a mod deletes it fora good reason.

Before starting a collab or project, just alert me here!

Now all spots are closed. We are using this to chat now!




Mod form:
Why do you think you would be a good mod: I will nice and helpful. I will delete projects that are inappropriate or mean!
Will you be responsible?; of course
Anything else: you are my Senpai


Thanks! One thing I forgot to add to the mod form:

What sports do you play and what position?


I actually play basketball and soccer
In basketball usually I am shooting guard
In soccer I am always goal keeper


Sweet! I'm a goalie in lacrosse!


Once I tried out for lacrosse but I never made it
So am I a mod
Just asking


Yah most likely. I want to see who else joins then I will pick but since your first you are almost guaranteed in.


Oh wait I used to play baseball but then I quit
I was a second baseman
Also I played volleyball
I was a outside hitter
I still play but not that much


Username: .... Think about it.
What sports do you play?: Foil Fencing.
Tell me a little about the sport and position you play: Yes, I play a position. There are so many positions in fencing. So many. More then any other sport. It doesn't have positions.
If you don't know, fencing is basically a sword fighting sport. In foil, you aim for the torso. Your goal is to gain a touch on your opponent. (Okay there are more complex details but you don't want an 8 paragraph long (probably more) essay about strategies, right of way, official competitions, etc)


I gave up on baseball too. Then I started fencing.


Username: WinningMonkey
What sports do you play?: Athletics, Sotfball, Soccer,
Tell me a little about the sport and position you play:
In Athletics I'm good at sprints, long jump and high jump.
In softball I play first base and short stop
In soccer I play striker

I'm not the best coder though


Username: TickleMePenguin on Hopscotch
What sports do you play?: Mainly lacrosse, but also basketball and track
Tell me a little about the sport and position you play:
I've played lacrosse for a while. I play attack and I'm very serious about it, but I still have fun! My league is pretty intense, and I have three hour practices three times a week, plus games, scrimmages, and tournaments. I've scored a bunch and I've played for three seasons!


Username: SmileyAlyssa​:blush:
What sports do you play?: Volleyball, Track
Tell me a little about the sport and position you play: Well in volleyball, they still make the 7th graders at my school rotate positions. Which is a little irritating to me. But I like setting the most, and if we got to choose our positions, I'd want to be the setter. In track, I'm a sprinter. I run the 100m, 200m, 400m, and 100m relay. I like running the straightaway the most! :slight_smile:


You are in has a mod!


You are in has a mod!


I like track...


I will pick members soon guys.


Yay thanks!



You guys are all in!

ok, that's three members and 2 mods. That's five people. I think we are ready to start! We might let in more people over time tho.

Any ideas for a name of the collab account?

We will go over the rules of the account soon.

The mods are: