Astral: Progress - Beta-Testing Topic [Beta-Testing Period]


Hey, guys! I am creating the sequel for Pace and here it is now. Introducing: Astral: Progress!

As a betatester, you need to report bugs/glitches/errors to me at the game, in exchange for that, you get early access to Astral: Progress (the stable one) 1 day before stable official release and you'll get your name in the Credits!
The email entry is over! If you are somehow one of the betatesters listed below, click this link in order to go to the betatest doc and play the BETA!



I have 2 emails and this one is my one with no info:
No email here :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:P
So can I be a beta tester?


Of course!
Anyway, the betatest link will be in April 14 because it isn't completed yet!




Can you please check if you can access this?


I can






Calling out our betatesters: @Razor and @Dude73!

I just released the beta for Astral: Progress (It's not April 14 yet but it was finished like earlier ago and I can't wait to share it to you, guys!

If you are one of the betatesters, click this link to go to the doc with the link!

Happy Beta-Testing!
- Ken

(If you are one of the betatesters and you came across with a bug/glitch/error/anything weird, say it in this topic! Thanks!)


Thanks! I will try to find as many bugs as I can. :smile:


Works Fine for now :smiley:


The first option, I chose pretend to sleep and nothing happened. Is that supposed to happen?
EDIT: NVM, I checked the code. Nothing is wrong with that.


same with me


@Razor and @Dude73, sorry for that. It seems that I left a little bit of some dev code that prevents it from happening. I removed it and it seems fine now! Thanks for reporting me that!

Here's the updated link.


At ending 10 I was crying, thinking why? Why Kevin?? then I saw the special ending. :joy:

Anyways, maybe you could shorten the wait time while Kevin is busy? Some people may get impatient.

There are also some grammar mistakes and spelling, but not too many. :smile:


Okay! I'll be reducing the time with just like 10-20 seconds. Thanks!


P.S. Don't kill the soldier or you will get another ending (yeah I ran out of ending ideas so I added Genocidal endings)


Hey @Dude73 and @Razor!
I released the stable version (click here to view this doc for the link) and it is stuck in the filter! Once it is unstuck in the filter, it will be released!

Thanks for betatesting!
(Added you two in the credits :D)

P.S. @Dude73, I changed the wait time from 30s to 25s and 60s to 45s!


Thanks! I'll test it now!


Thanks for adding me in the credits, It is amazing! I loved big hunting and I hope I can do it again. :smile: