Asteriods by Atari


Well I have a big problem. I am making a game called asteriods but I need one more thing. When I turn the ship it shoots the same way.Help


Do you think you could try explaining a little more? I think there's a topic with a template for code help somewhere...let me find it.

In the meantime, do you think you could explain what is in your code, or give a screenshot/link of your project?


Try this.
When (shoot) buttons pressed
set the bullet to the ships x,y position
set the bullets angle(rotation) to the ships angle(rotation)
move forward???


Whoa! Thanks a lot. I am almost finished.


that's great. Can u post a link here when it's published?
I'm very interested to see your game in its completed form


How do you do that without even looking at the code??!?
You're so good at this; I've seen you a lot helping people with code and giving tutorials. You should have your own help circle or something similar!


Thanks for the compliment.
I use other programs that are extremely difficult to use sometimes, so Hopscotch feels allot easier for me to use.
I can sometimes quickly work out in my mind how to do somethings. Like speaking a second language sort of


That is really cool!
I can fix most problems in my own and others' code, but I usually need to see the code or play around in the project.
You've got talent! ^ - ^


I'm sure you are talented as well.
What sticks in your brain the most is what you enjoy the most.
Like i'm not good at trail art and there's other members here who could do that allot better than me


Thank you very much! ^∇^
I try my very best!


Uh oh. I can't shot but in one direction because of changing x by.


i'll make a quick demo for you.
just wait 10 mins


Here it is.
The shoot buttons on the bottom right
The red ball shoots the direction the hearts is pointing when the shoot buttons tapped


I looked you up and saw your demo. I did not understand it


I coded exactly as I mentioned above to you
you can just copy the code to your game


Sorry just was asking what was what


Thanks for the help. I'll send the link in 20 min



It's a work in proggress