Assign output to a variable?


Hi, my 7yr old son is really loving Hopscotch and uses it most days. Today he asked if there was a game he could make for me. So I suggested a game where there were 5 cards per player (2 player). Player 1 chooses a random card and a number is displayed. Player 2 does the same. What we want to do now, is assign those random numbers to a variable, do a comparison and display either Player 1 or Player 2 wins depending on who has the highest number.

Can anyone please help and suggest how to assign the number to a variable?

Thanks :slightly_smiling:


Hi! So, are you saying: 2 people have 5 cards each, each person chooses a card, and whichever card higher wins?


I believe you could make the code as follows:
When (Player 1) is tapped
Set value (Player 1) to (random(1) to (10))
Set text to (Player 1)

This code sets a value to a random number and then displays that random number when tapped.
You can then use "Check once if" blocks to compare the two variables.
I hope this has helped!


or when (card that was tapped)

To go deeper, "check once if" (the card that was just picked) is greater than (p2 card)
If yes, p1 wins


Wow, thanks for the quick replies!! We'll work thru that now...


No problem! If you need further assistance, you can always ask me on hopscotch. (My username is Follow 4 Likes Official)