Asset Maker Update Idea



So anyone who doesn’t have the subscription knows the trouble of trying to put a bajillion of shapes together to make stuff. Something that would really fix this problem would be an asset maker inside of the editor. You could put together all of the shapes and charactors you want, (and even images if you have the subscription). And then you could reuse those assets as if they’re images.

And I also think if this was a thing, it should be for everyone and not subscribers only, because the point of having this would be to save the trouble of not having images.

It’s not as good as images, but it still saves the hassle of not being able to use assets straight from your photo library.

What do you guys think?
(The blank part in the top answer is supposed to say “very amazing”. Sorry lol)

  • This is , and I would ALWAYS use this even with a subscription
  • This is amazing, but I wouldn’t use it if I had a subscription.
  • I wouldn’t use this, but I’m sure other people would.
  • This is a useless idea, because most people have the subscription already.
  • This is a terribly useless idea because no one would use this at all... EVER!!


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Any thoughts?



Pls I want to know what you guys think! :slight_smile:


Revival again because y not


I think this is an amazing idea and I would definitely use it!! Although, it kinda takes out some of the subscription's purpose and could make people get lazy with their coding, so I'm not so sure I'd still add it in if it were my choice :o


This is a really good idea, and I think that THT should add this!