Asking for participants for Account Collab!

Join TheAcingGamer collab! We will all become the future of game making and Hopscotch! *Trust Is Needed​:grin:


What's the collab about?

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#Hi, welcome to the Hopscotch Forum! :)
Here’s some tips to become a Hopscotch Forum Pro, and you can probably use them while you work on your collab:

Cool thing to know, click the arrow to see

If you click on your profile picture at the top right of the screen you can see notifications, settings, bookmarks and the log out icon.

If you click on the words “TheAcingGamer” (Mine is AwesomeJediE) you can view your profile. There is Activity, which shows what you’ve been doing; Notifications, which lets you know what happened recently that involves you; Badges, where people see the badges you earn (like “Welcome” (when you first join); and Summary, which has a nice info about your stats.

If you click on Preferences you can edit your profile (e.g. Profile Picture) and settings (e.g. turning off emails the forum sends you). You can also add a description of yourself and the collab you are doing.

Things to remember
The portal to several important Hopscotch topics

MobCraft's Topic Portal

If you have any questions, tag me by typing @AwesomeJediE. It will make my username look like this: @AwesomeJediE. You can tag anyone in the forum but make sure to listen to them if they say they don’t want to be tagged anymore. Remember to do your best to be helpful in any topic! :smiley: I’d like to hear more about your collab when you get a chance.

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Happy Saint Patrick's day!

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BB-8 can feel no pain from pinches xD

In fact it might be a bit difficult to get close to even pinching him.


#Since you seem to like wolves, here’s some cool wolf gifs (moving photos like my BB-8) that you could use as profile pictures

The gifs

You can basically Google a word and then “gif” after it to find something cool.


Just working together to build projects and fun.

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It lit

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