Ask questions (HHT)


Hey guys!
The HHT has officially started! There is a thread for you guys to ask hospcotch, coding related questions. Here is the link to the topic- Hopscotch Help Team (HHT)
Please ask any questions you have regarding debugging, you needing ideas, any tutorials, any coding topics you need explained, or even general hospcotch/coding questions! All of the team members specialize in something different, so you are sure to get a detailed, well-explained answer to your question! So yeah, it started, so the HHT is free for questions! We are also always taking new members, so if you would like to be able to answer questions, you may enter in an admission! Click the link above for ALL the information about this team and how to enter!
Thank you! ASK AWAY! (Not on this thread, though; only on the link above!)

*Also, just as a little side note: Thank you for 10 likes on this specific topic! I would love for that hype and activity to come onto the HHT thread in the form of questions! Please show your love to that team, because all the members are working hard to answer questions! If you have ANY concerns about the app under the topics of tutorials (how to make a certain game, how to use a block, etc), brainstorming (coming up with a project to fit your difficulty level), or debugging code (in case you have a malfunction in your code and you can’t identify it, we can help! ASK QUESTIONS! :smile: