Ask or Dare My OC!



Ask or dare Skye, my OC blue blob!

If you aren't familiar with Ask/Dare stuff, the basic idea is that you ask my OC a question, or dare her something nasty. I will draw and narrate her response. Her personality and likes/dislikes will be revealed along the way, and I'm sure that this will be great fun! :wink:
Here's a picture of Skye


I dare her to wear a chicken suit and do the chicken dance and flap her arms like a chicken!


I dare Skye too.
Do the cinnamon challenge? Its the best thing I know of at the moment.


The blob :D

Is this related to Hopscotch? :slight_smile:


I feel very out of the loop right now xD Can someone explain what an OC is?


Original Character; it's like a character someone makes that they can draw or code on Hopscotch.


It's an original character! People draw them, or code them! They're like characters that you can dare or ask questions to!


I thought so, because I'm doing the drawings in hopscotch, although if it isn't then I will delete the topic.





Will Skye...
Sky Dive?!


Funny! I like the :angry: (except with crossed arms) expression!


Sure! Here it is! :wink:


I dare her to do the Ice Bucket Challenge!!!


Here you go!


And now I want ask Skye something now, no one has been. Hmm... Skye, do you play Hopscotch? If so, how good am I at coding? (Kinda keeping it Hopscotch-Related)


Skye: I do play hopscotch, but I just started. I plan to use my owner's old account, The Sign Painter, for my projects.
Me: Can you tell us what your hopscotch username is, so we can check you out?
Skye: When I make projects, I will add [skye] to the title, so you know it's by me.
Me: just don't sneak onto my profile and do anything!
Skye: why would I? All you've done to me is take me skydiving, dropped a bucket of ice in my head, made me dance as a chicken, and--
Me: Okay, I get it!
Skye: storms off as well as a blob can storm off


Oh, I saw that your name is gamergirlofgamers in hopscotch. I'll check you out!


Skye: your profile's pretty cool!
Me: I agree! :slight_smile: