Ask me something



Ask me something!! What ever u want


If that is you on your profile pic, I would change it for your own safety. :wink:


Yeah but the question must be related to Hopscotch. In a way.


Just ask anything


Is that your face? if it is, you should change it :wink:


I will change mah face later for now I just have that and just asking


It is good to do it soon, people can track you down :frowning:


People don't know where I live :neutral_face:


It's not allowed to have your face for safety reasons, please change it now! And how is this related to hopscotch?


Well, it has to be somewhat Hopscotch related...Or else the topic will get flagged. And like the others said, I would advise you to change your profile picture immediately.



And change you face,


I know your age, your face, and more information might slip.


Can you read? Remember, they don't know where I live


Welcome to the forum! But if your profile picture is a picture of you, please change it, a picture of you is personal info.


There are VERY good hackers out there. Some can track your location from pictures. This forum can also be viewed by the public.


I'll change it soon. I will make it a tardis, I like doctor who.


Please don't be rude. That's disrespectful. Yes I can read. And that's dangerous, people can track you down.

@Kiwicute2016 @PopTart0219


I love doctor who and plz be nice


Doctor who fans = Da best


Thats kinda rude saying that just dr who fans are the best