Ask Me Anything/Question and Answer!



I decided to make a Q&A for any Hopscotch or forum-related questions. Even fun and random ones!
Some basic guidelines:

  • No inappropriate questions
  • Questions cannot be too personal (like where i live and stuff like that)
  • Be Nice
    Ask away!


Why did you start hopscotching?


What's pi to the 100 digit( for a game)
How good am I
Why are people mean


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I started Hopscotching when I was really bored. I had downloaded it in early 2013 but didn't truly start until December 2013.
I always secretly loved coding! Once I started I was addicted!

1. Ummm lol i'm not a math person so i honestly have no idea!
2. Your AMAZING.
3. Hmm i honestly think that people are mean because they are jealous. They want to make others feel bad so they feel like they have power. Its normally because they have something bad is going on in their life.

I don't normally watch you tube but i really like PewDiePie or Dan & Phil