Ask me anything plz


Plzzzzz ask me something to do. I am really bored.


What would you add to HS?
lol @MobCraft


Sorry about the typo in the title. Didn't mean to do that. @KVJ, I would add that you could do it on the computer and see the the coding behind the blocks. That would be great.


That would be great!


Lol I do that about 90% of da tim


@BuildASnowman plz flag this.




Lol ik you are trying to use a flag message for a pm. No.


I have a Pm that Poptart created to ask her stuff.




Can you find it for me @BuildASnowman? Or no?


I'll just create a new pm with you and pt, it will be easier.


Thanks @BuildASnowman. Ur awesome.


My point exactly :stuck_out_tongue: