Ask Isabel and Katie (Q&A)



Hi guys! I wanna do a Q and A! Ask a question and then once I get enough questions I will make an answer thread showing all the answers. Have fun!

-+-Who is your Favorite Hopscotch character?-+-
-+-K&I General Topic (very small and lonely please join!)-+-

How long have you been coding for?


Hiya! You're obviously a new user! I'm Zach and if you ever need help just tag me using @Zachyswag!


And if you wanna learn more about me, just read my bio


Okay good to know.... I have a general topic for this kind of stuff. So if you want to talk to me next time I'd suggest to go to my general topic :grin: and yes, I'm new. BUT NOT ON HOPSCOTCH :smiling_imp: