Ask Grizzlyzoe!



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I like it, it's kawaii :3


Its an old OC, very cringe


Hey, @Grizzlyzoe!
I don't think we've ever talked before. I'm BerryFOX, but you can call me Berry if you want. :D


What do you think is your most accomplished project on Hopscotch?
What is your favorite color?
Who is/are your favorite hopscotcher/s?
Who is your favorite author?
Do you have any siblings on Hopscotch? (If you have any siblings)


Hello @Grizzlyzoe!
I'm SneakyDragon on HS so you might know me.


Whats your favorite book character?
How'd you find HS?
What makes you like HS?


What do you think is your most accomplished project on Hopscotch?-Probably my 3D art drawing
What is your favorite color?- Green and Blue
Who is/are your favorite hopscotcher/s?- CrystalArt, or @ChickenGirlbecause they're friends I've had for a while, but everyone is great
Who is your favorite author?- the Erin Hunters(Out of those, Kate Cary) or JK Rowling
Do you have any siblings on Hopscotch? (If you have any siblings)- No, my brother doesn't play Hopscotch


Whats your favorite book character?- Luna Lovegood, or Cinderpelt
How'd you find HS?- My friend Puppylover12345 (irl) showed me it one day :slight_smile:
What makes you like HS?- It's a great closely knit community:)


Anyone else have any questions?


Can i have some tips on my art? Im not very good at drawing.


That looks really good!!! Maybe just add some shading, and that's it, I really like your art


Wait, did Kira flag the drawing topic?



I have no idea. It could've just been flags in general, or it could've been ""Kira's"" (quotation marks because they claim to be a relative), I'm not sure. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

... I am just really upset over this right now. ;-;


Well, Kira was askining about flagging topics and people


It is quite plausible. (╹◡╹)

I wonder what's going to happen next... There is a way that we can get the topic back open, or we could just make a--

Ah, a new one was made. :p


I'm not sure. She asked how to flag, so possibly? I think there is a new topic now..?


How do you shade so well?


Magic :stuck_out_tongue:
I lied, practice


Magic is wonderful. Ahh


Hi Grizzlyzoe! I know no one has talked on this topic for a while, but do you have any recommendations for erasers? If you don't it's fine, I was just wondering.:yum:
Okay, thanks!