Ask Grizzlyzoe!



Hi! I wasn't really sure where to put this, so Collabs is okay, because I guess I'm collaberating with you all to share stuff and answer questions? Idk, but on HS people are asking me stuff Andy I don't really want to clog up my account with all the sneers, so I guess you can just ask me here? Anyway, I'll try to answer everything that I feel is not too personal. :slight_smile:


Hello, you never answered my question, can I join the collab account?


Tagging some friends


(Add yourself if you want)


What is your username on Hopscotch? :slight_smile: sorry I haven't gotten around to answering this yet, haven't been on forum in a while


(I understand ;3)


Hi! I'm @Explorer_ I don't think we talked before. :slight_smile:


Hi :3 nice to meet you


Thank you :3


You too!


Yay you added me! :D


Wait @Grizzlyzoe
Do you have 6th grade art? :D
Or any old art


Like art I did in 6th grade? Are you sure you want to see the horror? I'll go look


No I think you would have drawn fine
Well, at least preferable than mine XD
oh look it rhymes


Alrighty, here it is.... the fairy on the flower I drew in First grade, and I was veeeeery proud of it back then, and then this first one is the the first Warriors fan art I ever drew, in either 4th or 5th grade.


I couldn't find anything I had drawn in 6th grade quickly but I'll look again later


Hi! GZ! Was it Okay that I did The HoldTheTridnet thing? It was inspired By you!


Do you wanna see my cringy 5th grade art. I thought I was good then.


Yup, I thรฎnk it's a great idea, it shouldn't matter who makes what in terms of helping the community became a kinder place if they are both accomplishing the same thing, the more the better :slight_smile: thanks for giving me credit as well... Also, was it okay that I used a different art pad for mine? I had a vision and I didn't know how to complete it with just Blue and Yellow, I still tried to use the blue and yellow in the drawing though :slight_smile:


Yeah! Its Okay! As long as it helps The community! Ive noticed a few b.ullies disappearing Since :blush:


Yeah, I'd love to see art! :stuck_out_tongue: