Ask/Dare My OCs, And Post Your Own!



Tadaaaa! Another OC topic. Post your OCs and any asks or dares for mine here! (:

First one up for asks and dares: Serenade Leime! She loves music, music, music, figs, music, peanuts and vegetables together, music, music, science, music, annnnnnnnd... LAVENDAR ANYTHING. Lavendar candy, lavendar soap, the color lavendar. Especially the candy. Here she is!


Annnnnd, next up of my OCs is... Ella Gieori! She loves rain and nature, and she gets bullied a lot. You can't see it, but she has periwinkle eyes. (:


My OC twigs


Wat... So you put a OC down here? That's not really hopscotch related