Ask braynee to make you a song

this request shop is started by me [@braynee202], & everything is handled by me, not hopscotch. you can find other similar self-started events in the Shops & Requests or Competitions & Events categories, or even start one yourself! because this is started by me, hopscotch & the forum leaders are not involved, or responsible in any of the transactions here.

hi i’m braynee & i will

make you songs

here’s how it works: i don’t want to see myself drowning in commissions, so if you want a song, first you must tell me a project of some kind that you intend on using it in! if i’m going to be making music for you, you have to use it. oh yeah, & you have to fill out this form, too.

ask braynee for music form
[do not delete anything from this form, just add to it to fill it out]
hopscotch username:
what will you use my song for?:
is that project completed? [y/n]:
song details [optional]:
do you want the song to be a remix of one of your projects? [y/n]:
song title [optional]:
anything else? [optional]:

please note i don’t do advanced mode, so all songs will be made with the tragically limited “start sound” block. also, you have to credit me in your thing that the song’s gonna go in [doesn’t have to be anything big or obvious, just there!]. for more information about the form, or some faqs, please refer to:

the gide

"hang on, don't you mean 'guide'?"

no, i do not. this is the gide, not the guide.

"why would the project be completed?"

if your project is completed already but you think it could use some music in an update, you may have been crying many tears until you read this sentence! i don’t realistically see anyone answering that “yes”, though.

"what happens if i don't give you a song title?"

i come up with my own! perhaps you’ve seen the 40 songs i’ve already made on hs, all of which have titles! [though i didn’t come up with seven of them] you can also specifically leave in a request for your song to remain titleless, if you so desire.

"so what kind of 'song details' are you looking for?"

these details are optional, so feel free to add as many or as little of the following information as you want:

  • song length - generally [“make it shorter, please!”] or specifically [“around 1:30!”]. please no exact times [“56 seconds. no more, no less.”] & don’t make it too long [anything over 5 minutes, i would say]!
  • loopover - should the song end at some point, or loop infinitely? the latter is ideal for games, when the time during the song playing isn’t predetermined.
  • aesthetic - what mood should the song strike? is it silly or serious? is it focused or scatterbrained? this one’s up to interpretation, so it’s up to you to fill in the blanks!
  • pacing - how fast should the song go? does it have a fast part & a slow part? is it more of a background track or a banger intro?
  • structure - feel free to just tell me some music theory stuff & see how it goes! keep in mind that although i have perfect pitch, i’m pretty much self taught as far as music theory goes, so maybe keep it light on the music theory jargon.
  • musical key - if you don’t know what this is, it’s really hard to explain, so i’ll just say “don’t worry about it”.
  • something in mind? - perhaps you want me to recreate a specific already existing song! if that’s the case, please credit both me & the song’s original artist in your project! don’t post yt links here [it’s protocol], just the title & artist, & i’ll try to find it myself. if you don’t think i’ll be able to, then i would advise against requesting it. oh, & don’t post songs with inappropriate lyrics, titles, or images of any kind!
  • anything else - perhaps there’s some detail you want in your song that i didn’t cover above. whatever, you know your song better than i do!

any information you don’t provide you are hereby leaving up to me to decide!

"aren't you gonna put one of those gradient backgrounds on the song?"

i can if you want me to! feel free to request colors in the “anything else” on the form, or ask that i don’t add one. if you don’t do either, i will make a background, & decide the colors. you will be credited in the original project for commissioning your song!

"will my song count as a b202 track?"

yes! this is, of course, unless you request otherwise. perhaps you want it to count as a b202 track, but you want it to stay out of my ugly spreadsheet. just ask, if that’s the case!

"how long will my song be in the oven?"

ideally it would take a couple hours at most from when i first see your request, though if homework is mistreating me, it could take several days for it to finish.

"this gide is pretty long. will people even read it?"

let’s hope so…

"braynee, i don't trust you. are you actually going to make my song?"

i reserve the right to turn down any request, though i will most likely only do that if i either [a] get a request that breaks one of the rules i set down, or [b] am requested to make a song that is unrealistically difficult to remake. otherwise, you’re probably going to be able to listen to it!

"do i have to pay you anything for this? seriously, i have, like, 65 million seeds."

nope. these services are 100% for free! if you want to give me free stuff, then by all means go ahead!

"this song is terrible. can you make me a better one?"

i’m not going to be redoing requests like this completely, but if you want me to make a smaller change to your song before you use it, please tell me!

"why would i want the song to be a remix of one of my projects?"

if your project’s still in the oven, you can start coding it as a remix of the song. this is to ensure you don’t have to deal with that annoying remix tag if you try this.

if you answer “yes”, though, please leave out a standard mode project on your account easily within reach for me to remix!

"that instrument used in the 'start sound' block is literally so annoying. can you use 'play note' instead?"

sorry, i’m a standard mode coder only. this one’s a hard no, so if you want a free song specifically for you with the right notes, you’re gonna have to look for free favors elsewhere. sorry.

"i like your other songs. can i use those?"

of course! if you want to use a song i’ve recreated, i’d get the original artist’s permission if i were you. the same goes for commissioned songs - get permission from the person who asked to have it made. other than that, you can use any of my songs whenever you want, so long as you credit me!

"are you secretly haminations?"

next question!

"will requests ever close?"

probably only if i’m too overloaded with the ones i already have.

"i want a song. can you make me one?"

you’ve scrolled too far. perhaps you missed the request form! that’s okay, rookie mistake! it’s a little farther up!

"will you be mad at me if i request a song for my project, but then i change my mind & don't use it?"

a little, but then i’ll forgive you! try to avoid it if you can, okay? you have no obligation to use my song, but you should have something you intend to use it for.

"what if my project gets cancelled before i use the song?"

really, same as the above. cancellations are never planned, so i’ll be as understanding as i can.

"i like {insert song here}. the lyrics are appropriate, can you recreate it for me?"

sure! just note that if a song is more centered around its lyrics or its beats than its melody [most notably rap], there’s a better chance i might turn down your request. remember, i don’t have much to work with!

"i was actually not thinking any of those questions, & i had something else to ask."

by all means! i’d be more than glad to answer anything you might be wondering. go ahead & ask it below!

thus ends the gide.

welp, that should be everything! oh, wait! one more thing!

listen to my other songs, please!

track 01 - goiky :) by braynee202
track 02 - escape :) by braynee202
track 03 - flow :) by braynee202
track 04 - atomic :) by braynee202
track 05 - escape + atomic :) by braynee202
track 06 - hunt >:) by braynee202 [1]
track 07 - final :) by braynee202
track 08 - yesterday :) by braynee202
track 09 - kinetic :) by braynee202
track 10 - fiery >:) by braynee202
track 11 - midnight :) by braynee202
track 12 - heat :) by braynee202
track 13 - thirteen :) by braynee202
track 14 - beyond :) by braynee202
track 15 - drift :) by braynee202
track 16 - return :) by braynee202
track 17 - rebirth :) by braynee202
track 18 - escape (full) :) by braynee202
track 19 - never gonna give you up >:) by braynee202 [2]
track 20 - lighto :) by braynee202 [3]
track 21 - brægñë śüš :( by braynee202 [4]
track 22 - embark :) by braynee202
track 23 - simp >:( by braynee202
track 24 - hopscotch :) by braynee202
track 25 - steady :) by braynee202
track 26 - flutter :) by braynee202
track 27 - song 1 :) by braynee202 [5]
track 28 - hush :) by braynee202 [6]
track 29: the family madrigal :) by braynee202 [7]
track 30 - mystical :( by braynee202
track 31 - show me what you’ve got :) by braynee202
track 32 - simplex :) by braynee202
track 33 - hyperspace >:) by braynee202
track 34 - colorfly :) by braynee202 [8]
track 35 - subatomic :) by braynee202
track 36: HOTSHOT by braynee202
track 37 – nine circles by braynee202 [9]
track 38 - theory of everything by braynee202 [10]
track 39 - mark my words by braynee202
track 40 - stick to it :) by braynee202
track 41 - lobby :) by braynee202
track 42 - enter moose coast :) by braynee202
track 43 - chess crescendo :) by braynee202
track 44 - personal growth :) by braynee202
track 45 - hunters assemble by braynee202
track 46 - call of the undercity by braynee202
track 47 - where am i? by braynee202
track 48 - advances by braynee202
track 49 - dewdrop by braynee202
track 50 - backdrop expert mode by braynee202

so how do you end a topic op? i don’t do this very often. i guess i’ll just go with what seems right

glorp glorp

  1. composed by my brother ↩︎

  2. original written by mike stock, matt aitken, & pete waterman, & performed by rick astley ↩︎

  3. original by michael huang ↩︎

  4. original concept by leonz ↩︎

  5. original by spy guy 96 ↩︎

  6. original by michael huang ↩︎

  7. original produced by lin-manuel miranda & mike elizondo, & performed by stephanie beatriz & olga merediz ↩︎

  8. composed by my brother ↩︎

  9. original by nightkilla ↩︎

  10. original by dj nate ↩︎


[stealing first post because i’m evil]


Thats so many drop downs/detail folders. Imma open all of em


see? it’s fun isn’t it?


You did it!!!

You added a shop

I am proud :face_holding_back_tears:




Hi evil, this is a really cool shop idea!


Thank you!!!


[face of bliss]

technically not allowed, but i’ll let you off with a warning. /lh

anyway, here’s “lobby”! the lobby theme reminds me of a cute chill little background track that’s not trying to be anything huge or a banger, but is still catchy ag [that means “as goigly” now]. i’ve been recently inspired by “readme.txt” by coal bones! the little earworm has been in my head all week, even though it’s just a goofy little background track!


not your little brother dodging :dizzy_face:18 times :skull:

Sorry didn’t read everything

It was going to be a surprise project that it’s a cursor game

I can’t use hopscotch right now so I will listen to it tmr


Reminds me of a spooky vibe

I will take it :)


braynee, make me a song? /hj


yeah, i was thinking it sounded spooky & i was trying to avoid it

that said it’s impossible to have a standard mode hs song in c minor without it sounding spooky so oh well. sorry


holy goigly!! i’ve actually been tasked with making moose island’s main theme?? i can’t go into this all willynilly no siree

it’s actually been a while sinc ei’ve played moose island so i decided i would
:sparkles: reimmerse myself :sparkles: but then i forgot to check the clock. sorry the song took so long, i blame you. your game is too fun.

i feel very immersed
anyway here’s a sort of unfinished version!

admittedly it’s a little more repetitive than i’d like, but that’s okay, 'cause ain’t no way am i making the final version of moose island’s main theme in one go! i’d appreciate feedback for this song & what exactly you’re looking for from it, & no worries if you just decide not to go with it!

also yeah i realize now that i forgot to put it all in a custom rule. oh well, sorry. i guess i’ll just do that when i make the final version. oh yeah also i have a pretty good title idea but i’m keeping it secret for now :eyes:


lol it’s fine it really wasn’t that long of a wait! and tysm haha i’m glad you like the game! so far I love it, but actually I think this would be good for a main menu theme, but I think for the actual gameplay I would want it to be a little more slow, like in animal crossing the notes are somewhat far apart from each other and it’s not a very constant song

like there’s not a whole second between each note or anything lol, but there’s more breathing space in between the notes if that makes sense :sweat_smile:

hmmm I might not be the best at describing music lol since im on the other side of the art spectrum haha but maybe since im talking about animal crossing’s music so much you can use that as a inspiration?

I really like it but when im thinking of hearing it constantly it may be too stimulating with how complex it is paired with the gameplay, I think it would be awesome for a title screen where your not going to be overwhelmed with the amount that’s going on as its just the first menu and its a nice introduction to the vibe of the game but the main game may have more slower and simpler music while you play!

Great job I really like it! Do you mind if we use this as the title screen music once it’s done and maybe if your ok with it make the main game one :sweat_smile:

Also if it’s too much because I totally understand would you want to make a fishing theme as well? Purely up to you!

Now I have a super cool idea to add to the game for playing music lol but idk if it’s worth the time :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


of course! i’ve never been the greatest at really slow songs, but i’ll finalize this one for the title screen & see what i can do. your other songs are behind alboy’s “chess crescendo” in line, though, hope you don’t mind! thank you!


Not really slow, just at the same pace as like… well sorry lol but animal crossing songs :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Yeah it’s fine!