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Question for Hopscotch Team:
When do you think the web player will be released?


Hey @BlueOrangeFangio!

The Web Player will be released in early September! Here's a sneak peak of what it looks like if playing on an iPhone (might change between now and then!):

PS: I renamed your question "web player" so it will be easier to find for other people who are curious about the web player. Try to make your title a summary of your question. Keep it simple. :slightly_smiling:


Awesome! I was just wondering if it will have maybe buttons or something that you can press to simulate shaking your iPad and tilting for example? If not that's okay I'm just curious :blush:


@Liza That looks awesome! What do you guys think of making an API for it so that anyone could put a hopscotch project on their website?


wow this new web release sounds great