+Ask a question button not showing up



Hmm that is very strange the +New Topic button is not appearing!

The HOPSCOTCH logo is taking you to the homepage so that's right. Is the +New Topic button still not there even when you've scrolled completely to the top of the page? Do you think you can send a screenshot so we can have a look?


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Using the Forum like a Pro!
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This is what shows up on my screen when I go to the homepage?



Hi @cherrycupcake! Welcome to the forum! So glad that you're here :slightly_smiling:

I think I know what might be happening. When you first join, you have certain privileges in the forum. As you spend more time participating, you earn cred that allows you to do more things. It's set up like this because we think you should get to know the community a little before jumping in (we wouldn't want someone who has never used Hopscotch to ask a million, unrelated question).

So, as a new user, you cannot start a new topic immediately. It kinda stinks when you sign up and are excited to ask a question and...can't. I think I'll change this so you can start a new topic sooner, though.

What do you think? Thanks for your input (and yours @t1_hopscotch)!!



Ok I get where you are going about privileges for new users. Maybe when you first join the forum, you could automatically have an intro and a 'basic things to know' tab pop up so players can look there. Or, maybe you could limit the number of posts allowed per day.



PS. My +NewTopic button is now showing up! : )


I have the limit I think its so you don't ask a million questions when your new so everything like this should go away in a few days


@SnowGirl_Studios You're right—the more you participate in the forum, the more privileges you get. We want to make sure that a robot doesn't come in make a billion posts about cats :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


lol yeah everything is back to normal for me now :grinning:


How long do new users have to wait until they don't have a limit of posts?


about a day because we don't want someone to come in and post a billion posts about cats


Ok thanks!!!!:grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:


How much do you have to use the forum to get more privileges?


Quite a lot to be honest but some Badges aren't that hard to get!:grinning:


Some people have the welcome badge, I only have editor and basic I think, I don't know! But, I don't have welcome.


Now I got welcome! :sweat_smile:


That happened with me too! i think you need to get a certain badge. :cold_sweat:


Or worse, @Liza, a cat coming in with a billion posts about robots.

I [dislike it very much] when that happens.


Ok I was reading through this and when I reached here I laughed, @oio


I get why you would do that.


Where... Is... That.... BUTTON!