Ask a Gaming Geek! (PotatoLover's General Topic)



Hey guys, this is my general topic, because everyone does it!

I got inspired to do this by

I thought it was pretty cool, answering questions and stuff, I still need to figure out how to make a survey, I'll find out one day.

Same rules applie, about what you can ask.

Here is just some stuff:

Please do not ask me anything about my past, or what I used to be like, it makes me uncomfortable.

I will not answer anything about my location or private things. Location wise, I will only go as far as I live in the USA. Privacy wise, I'm only going as far as I'm a girl.

Have fun! (Or whatever, I don't know what to say.)


When did you start Hopscotch?

What is your Hopscotch username?

Do you have a pet?

Who are your senpai?



Questions ahoy!

I started hopscotch about a month ago, I think. But I started the forum really recently.

My hopscotch username is PotatoLover3, like my forum name.

At my dads house, I have 2 cats and 1 dog. At my moms, I have a rabbit.

.-. You must not know my senpai.



That's cool! Arrgh, I'm a pirate! Ahoy bucko! Matey!



I saw your challenge, to smell your profile pic Halloween style.
Yesterday, I saved the picture.

It's so cute...


Thanks so much!

Smell? LOL
I think they will smell like strawberries! Or maybe cotton candy! XD


I love potatoes as well!

My brother HATES regular, mashed, and baked potatoes. But fries and tater tots are all the rage for him! XD He's so strange.



I don't like my spelling.
This is why I really hate writing.

Jk, I have a full length book.

I just use auto-correct.


How come you always do my questions?
I mean, my friend, the one that showed me this, told me there is something called being famous on the forum.
Well, let's test it.
Do you know @Angidrawings?
Is she famous? (I guess I shouldn't be asking questions on MY general topic, XD)


Thanks for asking questions, anywayM I appreciate it!


I'm sorry for making incorrect spelling.
I'm bad at that.



My spelling is awful at times too.
I don't know her but she is a great drawer...

That's her profile pic!!


Trust me, I don't want to be rude or anything, but she did'nt draw that XD. I know her, but she's really nice.


Okay. I believe you. I just think it's super cute!


Yeah, it's super cute!


It's so strange how it's only the two of us chatting here. Maybe it's because you're new and people just don't know you yet. I like making new people feel welcome :blush:

I really like it being just the two of us. We should keep it this way!


Yeah I guess! Thanks for talking, again.


Get Komplekt Cos I'm here :000


Someone else is here!
Your the one who greeted me when I came, right?


I think hope so