Asha, Ian, Liza, Alish! Is this normal In the beta app?



In the beta app, I unpublished a project and it came in my drafts (that's normal) I deleted it from my drafts and I'm sure it was gone! When I checked again it was there!(is that normal?) And the screen shot of it was some Arabic letter!

The "My little island" project was supposed to be deleted!
And I did not use any Arabic in my project, so I don't know why the
Screenshot has an Arabic letter on it! (I'm sure it's Arabic, I study Arabic in my school)

I said Arabic way too many times...

Beta testing round 3

Hmm that's strange, you should mention that to the Hopscotch Team. Maybe the Arabic letter is from the original project? I see it was remixed from someone else, so maybe the first object they put into the project had an Arabic letter?


I was the person who remixed it @t1_hopscotch and the original project was that build your land game (you know, the one where you drag pieces of land and drag mountains, lakes, animals, etc) I didn't check the code though, maybe the letter is in it.


I checked the code, and WOW! It is messy in there!

But I still can't believe how a deleted draft is Still....alive!
Maybe it's a zombie draft:scream:


Heh Nice Guess @Queen152


We'll, at least we know nothing is perfect. But dat Arabic word "пе"( The word is "Ba" in case you were wondering ), I looked around the screenshot and there was no trace of it.

Hmmm..... :confused: