Asdfghjkl topic?

There was a topic called asdfghjkl. I clicked it, read it, saw it seemed like a shoutout topic. Next thing I knew it said, This page is unavailable. I went back to Latest and the topics was gone. It was by a new user named @HannaBanana. I'm confused. Is it in Lounge or something??


It happend to me to,

And IM regular


I think that maybe a member of tht unviewed it? I've seen it happen before. But still, that's strange.
Edit: now my thing keeps glitching and says I'm not allowed to flag/like.


That's what I thought, but none of them are even on.

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That is so weird.......

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Maybe it was Montoya.

ni hao wo gao su ni.... wo bu xi huan coke... vei dao xiang guo xi de xiao du phen

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