Artwork Requests!



I am not very good at drawing on Hopscotch, kinda because it is easier for me to zoom in but I did make this on an app called SketchBook! On SketchBook you are able to zoom in witch for me is a big plus


Drawings are nice?
Is nice a word to describe?


Yes, nice can work like that.


FYI your cool drawings should go in the drawing topik.


I tried doing that but it would not let me do that topic


You should post all your drawings in the drawing topic.


Maybe you could make a general topic for your drawings


Click on this blue text to go to the Drawing Topic.

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  • Making sure you're on the current one. We're currently on the fifth topic.
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We like to keep all art in the Drawing Topic so that the rest of our topics can be related to coding. Thanks you for keeping our forum clean.


I also made this girl and finished it today. Sorry about the first drawing. I just realized why it got flagged. It got flagged because they are ki.ssing. It was just meant to be a cute picture. This one should be fine though


Happy Valentines Day! Anyone have any requests?




Does anyone have any art requests? I will take five for right now!
Cosmic Cody's trip to space...


are you still taking request it's fine if you aren't