ArtsyCodersđź–Ś (Under_Water_Puffins) general topic


Ok this is my general topic! I am one person on ArtsyCoders​:paintbrush: Also known as Splattered Ink! You may have seen my friend/cousin/other person on my hopscotch account. They are @ArtsyCoder. You can ask stuff/request stuff/give constructive criticism. So yeah. Let's get started. (I saw other peeps doing this so I thought I would give it a try!)


How did you get your name?


Heh long story.... Wait which name? ArtsyCoders​:paintbrush:?




Ok well if you mean ArtsyCoders​:paintbrush: We were looking for a classy fun easy to remember catchy name so we though for half an hour and I said ArtsyCoders she said girls who code. And I made pints she realized ArtsyCoders was better. And she added the emoji but I picked ArtsyCoders because I loved to draw and was the artsy one (I still am) and she liked to code more and we had our strengths that made ArtsyCoders true the end!


No question? No request? Nothing? Ok then.....


how you get ur forum name


Umm I was thinking and it came up in random thoughts! The end


Any type of request are welcome (coded)