ArtsyCodersđź–Ś2.o not me!



My freind iceburst texted my and said there was this weird person? Waaaat?
Someone was pertending to be us? What!!!! Shut them down now i am sooo mad!!!! Shut them does anybody know who this is? (Also i will be staying on the forum but not hopscotch but not for long) please help! This is serious no counterfit us's will be tolerated!!!!


I'm sorry someone copied your name ;-; and is pretending to be you ):

It must not be fun, maybe you can kindly ask them to change their name c: and stop acting like they are you!

They probably did it because they really like your account! :D @ArtsyCoder


Maybe you are a role model!

But still, if it bothers you, maybe ask them to politely change their name.

Hope everything works out!


Think about the bright side! Someone really admires you're work and wants to be like you!
If it bothers you, you can remix one of their projects kindly asking them to change it. (If you use a remix they will most likely see it in their notifications.) If they do not reply, email the hopscotch team or change your username.


All I know is that they've followed me. I guessed it wasn't you by how they're defending themselves at accusations :wink:

Oh well. You've got a big fan :smiley:


We'll the only problem is we left hopscotch but were still on the forum and were glad we have a fan....:thinking::hugging:


Shame you aren't on HS… :frowning2:

But hey fans are awesome! Turns out I have a fan account too lol


I was just about to ask you about this. XD


This "scam" 2.o of you is really getting on my nerves as well… I don't want t make this situation bigger but first they said "MAKE ME FAMOUS AGAIN!" The. Said "I WANT A LOW ACCOUNT!" I mean, this isn't much of a distraction but not only 2.o is a scam, but confusing enough to make you feel like your in some kinda Demention that's annoying as them!XD(that actually happened to me XD!)


Why did you leave in the first place?


well i was doing alot of things and camps this summer like sleepaway camp so i don't have time for hopscotch ocasionally i will post a few quick things on the forum also i wont get my ipad back when school starts because hp cost 10$ and my school won't pay 10$ per kid! Luckily we get to keep our ipads over the summer


Two of my friends got hopscotch and they didn't have to pay for it!


Yes, imposters are bad. But it probably means someone is a big fan of you! :smile:


Hopscotch is free again :D


But can't you just buy the free hs?


It is? Free again?? Phew!


Really? Huh. Thats weird for me on the app store it is 10$


Wait wut. YASSSSSSSSSS hopscotch is freeee (yes i know 'body' is invaild)


Also my parents thought it was ten dollars do they wouldn't let me get it on my home ipad so yasssssss but idk about my cousin who is also on the artsycoders​:paintbrush: Acount..... :grin: