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So I was making a artpad so I can get basic artist to practice using a simple pad...
but... I came across a huge problem... I need to figure out how to change the color when you tap the color choice :confused: I also need to know how to not color the side things where you get all your color choices . My pad will be bad but I want artists and drawers to use my pad because I love when people do that. I tried looking into @SmileyAlyssa's pad but that didn't help much because of how complicated it is with all those.... Faces.....
Point is I need help making a Artpad!!


I can help! But you shouldn't make things to be popular, you should do it because you want to and it makes you happy doing it! :D


Well I know that but I want to create a artpad for my drawings :stuck_out_tongue: so I don't have to use other people 's pads all the time. Wait I'm just making this simple pad for simple artists :stuck_out_tongue:


I can remix your pad and fix the bug.


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When you tap the color selector thingy, make it set a value to, lets say, 7.
Lets call this value Color.
Then, select the drawing text (the thing that's actually drawing), and do a When Color Equals Seven. In this, put the normal drawing code. Then, in a different line of code, pit When iPad is Tapped, Move to My Finger.


Can't like! ;-; Take this :heart:


@SabotageWarning I would let you but.. I want this to be a solo project sorry :frowning:
@XiaoMiaoMi thank you that helps a lot


Heres a very basic layout for a simple art pad
Hope this helps!


Thank you @Doodliedoo helped a lot


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Ok never mind still need help. I made one color however the color won't work here's the link can someone tell me what's wrong?


Its supposed to be like this:

So for the object you tap for the color:
First you make a value. Name it what ever you want. For this example, it will be named Color.
Then do the code:
When character is tapped
Set value Color to (any number you want, for this example it will be 1.)

Then for the Drawer:

When Color equals 1
Change trail color to (your color)

And for the other numbers do the same except change the number of the Color value and, of course, the change trail color block needs to be set to a different number.

Hope this helps!


I checked it and you did it all right except you use a CHANGE TRAIL COLOR block when you press 0.


And its not supposed to turn invisible.

Here you can study what I changed:


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