Artists you need to check out!



I feel that there are many artists, who don't get noticed enough! This is a topic to spread the news about amazing artists that are not very well known! What I mean is don't spread the news about OS or LP cuz I'm pretty sure everyone knows them :sweat_smile:. Anyways, I think you should check out:


They are both amazing artists!! Nelly is really good at realistic art and Cupcake is good at realistic/cartoony art! Check them out!


Anyone got a "nomination"?


Mr*Artist and SapphireWolf (@SoBit on the forum) is a great artist


I nominate @OrangeScent1, @MagmaPop, and all the great artists out there! I thought I was really good at art and then I see all these great people on Hopscotch.


Those people are very popular you have to nominate artists that aren't really noticed


Can I say myself? It's true look:


I got 2
Bananadog (because of this)



I like your drawing

btw I see my project cat meme I made with Corvus


Okay @YuxinaYammy. Her art is awesome.


ExpressiveBologna!! ExpressiveBologna!!



Off the top of my head, those are some people that I can think of..

Oh! And my friend, LunaticMaple.


I nominate @OrEndA; she is a phenomenal artist!



She's a really nice artist :relaxed: check her out some time


Hims! She is incredible.


I think...
Is Colourful Black on here?
And Nelly:cloud:
Definitely Nelly:cloud:
Thank you so much for the nomination RegenadeBird (sorry I can only mention 2 users because I'm new on the forum), @Giraffedolphin26, and @iReesesCup



But the again. Who knows. Maybe this person is an adult :confused: