Artists Unite! Art Club Sign-ups!


I posted the art club sign-ups last night on and so far no one has joined. I have a feeling this will be like my first art club, which I made on my first account, Paint Splatter Art. Like one person joined, and I didn’t even post a challenge. On a higher note, I am trying this art club thing again and now that I’m actually on the forum, I can get the word spread. So uhhh… I guess I advertise my art club now? Ok… insert exciting music hereJOIN ARTISTS UNITE! ART CLUB TODAY!!! THE DEADLINE TO SIGN UP IS JUNE 30 AND RESULTS ARE JULY 1ST!!! MAKE SURE TO REMIX WITH #AUAC IN YOUR TITLE OR I WON’T SEE IT!!! (more information on the actual sign-up) SIGN-UP IS ON MY ACCOUNT, PAINT SPLATTER ARTS!


Heyo Mate! I’d like to join I guess…


Wait, let me help…



Alright, alright, I join. But I don’t have Hopscotch so bear with me.


ok my HS is PaperBagHat