Artists-Only Coding competition



Hello. This is an only-artists contest. You can only join if you’re an artist on the app. Some people already applied! If you want to join, just answer this-
Have you coded before and/or have experience with it?



Drawing On Paper Compared to an IPad (Shading, shaping, etc) Topic 17 [OFFICIAL]

I like that you gave this its own topic.
So we can make any type of project?
I’ll join! I’ll do a trail art, probably.
And yes, I’ve coded.
You should probable add a deadline, too.


Sir, what are you doing up at 11:00 pm!


Aariv is in New Zealand and it’s midnight here and I should have been asleep two hours ago.


I should be asleep rn…


But, I decided to watch some weird ZOOTOPIA roleplay, or some stupidd crapp




Hi regular! How does it feel to be able to lounge?


I’d move this to a GT if I were you, just saying,


I don’t have to, and will not. Goodbye strangers! Don’t be strangers, strangers!


Goodnight and goodbye, complete stranger!
It’s tomorrow already!
Okay, that makes no sense…


For me it’s an hour away till midnight… so…


You must be in the Central time zone. I’m Eastern time.




The contest will start after we get one more member.


reeeeeeeeeeeeee i’m in it ouo


can I code 2 different projects? like a game and a art pad?


actually i’ll just do game because the art pad takes more time


why only artist… interesting


Unless you make an art pad where you have HSB controls and not color squares.